I swear this will make it all better: Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers work their magic on the finale

Gold, Jerry, Gold!

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  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    @SanguinePenguin there is a lot of memes and shit out there but this may be the funniest. Thanks for sharing. 
  • Leslie Jones is the only person out there doing GoT commentary that gets it 100% correct haha

    She's been doing sorta-live commentary on Twitter as well if you need more Leslie Jones gold.
  • Take a big glass of grow the fuck up, because Game of Thrones is NOT REAL. 

    hahahahahahahahaah I love her so much.
  •  :D  :D :D
    Jamie Lannister will from now on always be known to me as 'that one-handed fuckboi' !
     :D  :D :D
  • What's chrinobil white folks!?
  • AnominalAnominal San Francisco Bay Area
    Game of Jones - Battle of the Bastards

    Game of Jones - Loot Train

    Game of Jones - Winterfell

  • MichelleMichelle California
    She also posts little live watch clips throughout the episode on her Twitter.  https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg
  • This person, who is not Leslie Jones, has a bunch of her videos on YouTube (you kinda have to sift through to find hers in the list): https://www.youtube.com/user/AFZ6767/videos
    A bunch of them are a good 25-30 minutes of the stuff she puts on her Twitter feed, so I don't know if they're edited together or what, but they are really funny. I just love her!

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