The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix

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Holy shirtballs this looks amazing. Anyone else a fan (i.e. were freaked the fuck out by it) of the movie when they were kids? And yes the new series is puppet-based, not CGI!



  • MrXMrX CO
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    Also check out the cast

    Main voices
    Taron Egerton as Rian
    Anya Taylor-Joy as Brea
    Nathalie Emmanuel as Deet
    Donna Kimball as Aughra

    Recurring voices
    Caitriona Balfe
    Helena Bonham Carter
    Harris Dickinson
    Alice Dinnean
    Natalie Dormer
    Harvey Fierstein
    Louise Gold
    Mark Hamill
    Ralph Ineson
    Jason Isaacs
    Eddie Izzard
    Theo James
    Hannah John-Kamen
    Toby Jones
    Keegan-Michael Key
    Shazad Latif
    Gugu Mbatha-Raw
    Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
    Simon Pegg
    Andy Samberg
    Neil Sterenberg
    Mark Strong
    Alicia Vikander
    Victor Yerrid

  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    But... but... no puppets!?
  • MrXMrX CO
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    Freddy said:
    But... but... no puppets!?
    They are puppets!!

    People have asked what the newest technology we’re bringing to this is, and I say, ‘Well it’s actually really old technology: green screen.’ We’re removing puppeteers where they are physically moving the puppets from the outside. But Jim didn’t have the ability to do that at the time of the movie. So even though that’s a really old visual effects technique, it’s an advance on the film. We were so pleased that it’s still pure puppetry because if you take the puppeteers out, they’re still moved by the puppeteers.”
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Oh wow. They looked like CGI at first. Mixing the puppets with CGI didn't help. On closer inspection, there are puppets. A lot of noticeable CGI, but puppets as well.
  • walktheskywalkthesky New York
    Can not wait!
  • Wow, this just jogged some really strange memories....I had those original puppets in my mind but had no clue where they came from...almost wrote them off as a dream until i saw this....Likely skip watching this lol
  • redlancerredlancer Seattle
    always loved Dark Crystal & Labyrinth as a kid. They just feel so perfectly 80's. Freaked the hell out of my 10 yr old self  :)  

    Wish they went with continuing the story instead of prequel territory. Why does everything have to be a prequel...?  we already know how the story ends. Or at least go way way back to long before the events that created the Skeksis and Mystics. I feel like they're relying on nostalgia instead of story.

  • rhcooprhcoop Knoxville, Tn
    I'm guessing they haven't announced a release date yet?
  • MrXMrX CO
    rhcoop said:
    I'm guessing they haven't announced a release date yet?

    August 30 (they show it at the very end).
  • FernNYC17FernNYC17 New York, NY
    hummmm lets hope the boys are on this day one and they do a "super Serious Film fest" to go with it maybe Magical/Fantasy based so i can get my Krull SSFF that i wanted Dammitt! 
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
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    My usual remarks are “more remakes” and “does no one have an original idea anymore “ blah blah blah. But in this case all I have to say is “YES YES YES!”
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