Godzilla: King of the Monsters Discussion

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I know Jim and A.Ron mostly are either mixed on it or don't like the film, 58% to 60% of critics dislike it, and you know what a majority of the opinions are absolutely fair. However, I'm gonna come right out and say it. I'm making no apologies for loving this f'ing movie. 

To the folks in the know, KOTM is for better or for worse, a Toho Heisei era quality film/script with a Hollywood budget. If that's not your thing then no this movie will not do it. If the Godzilla 90's era was your jam, then this is a love letter to you. 


  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    I haven’t listened to the whole cast yet but so far agree with what I heard. 

    The human characters are garbage. The Orca machine is stupid. 

    However, as a grown adult who watched almost every shitty Japanese Godzilla movie as a kid this was like dreams coming true having big Budget amazing special effects and awesome Monster fights. It had everything I ever wanted to see. The army fighting monsters and actually landing a few punches, awesome fight scenes. Just skip through the story and hit the 4-5 big fight scenes and it’s epic. 

    Also Super surprised that we got Mecha-ghidora end credits scene was I was totally expecting a Kong set up. I get why the critics gave this a shitty review and why RT was bad but it really satisfied by inner child from decades ago
  • I loved this movie. I did go in expecting to be disappointed as I knew rotten tomatoes score was low, so that may have affected my enjoyment, (low expectations) but I absolutely loved it. I totally get why critics may have issues with it, there are like maybe 7 mins of downtime, which I get is problematic, but the movie just goes, and is so big and nonstop. I feel like this is why you go to the movies, for a big film. I usuallly wait for on-demand to watch newer movies but for the spectacle type movies i will go to the theater and it was totally worth it. I mean its all subjective, but I walked out of the theater with a smile on my face, which is all i could ask for.
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