I Am Mother

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4 stars out of 5.

No spoilers:
It drew me in instantly, and kept my attention throughout. (This seldom happens.) .

Great production design and acting, including a breakout performance by Clara Rugaard.

Yes, the themes could be considered derivative, but I feel the creators put their own stamp on them.

Yes, some plot mechanics were hand-waved away, or left unexplained. I was able to suspend disbelief.

I was surprised the Bald Move team was so negative. It seemed they were expecting some kind of deeper philosophical discourse, or stunning revelation regarding AI and the future of humanity.  I don't necessarily see this as the film-maker's responsibility.  If a film entertains, and raises questions that motivate further discussion and exploration on the part of viewers, I consider it a success. When films are too didactic or prescriptive, they can be off-putting...


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I think I need to do a better job of stating something like, "I don't begrudge each generation getting their own X, and this might even be a particularly good example of X, but some who have seen X before might be disappointed that it's not really advancing the concept of X or adding anything new to the X conversation."

    X can be anything from "coming of age", to "sci-fi/fantasy series", to "cautionary dystopia", whatever. Every 10-20 years we're due for a good one, but what I hope for more and more is an evolutionary/revolutionary one. Especially when it comes to morality and ethics around AI, since I feel like the storytelling around this hasn't evolved nearly as fast as the science itself has.
  • By the time the next generation is ready to consume movies, an AI will have ingested all previous movies on AI and produced an original one. Problem solved!
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