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Season 4 starting June 20. 

I figured I already have one of these for Hardcore History so I might as well make for for this too.


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    Episode 401: Puzzle Rush
    More or less about the way the US conducts standardized testing. 
  • This one's kind of preaching to the choir as far as I'm concerned - I've been beating the "standardize tests are useless at best, actively discriminating at worst" drum for a LONG time, even though I am someone who has benefited greatly in my life from the fact that by random chance I am good at taking standardized tests. 
  • Same. Got a wildly good SAT score and still thought “This all seems very pointless” and it’s not like I’ve retained any of the knowledge from that test. 
  • More about standardized testing- If u are a Radio Lab fan I recommend their most recent series of podcasts. I think it is called G. Starts with an episode that describes why it is illegal for black children to take an iq test in California. Basically decades ago the test was found to be deeply biased but instead of fixing test they just stopped testing black children and this is still the law today. The next one deals more with modern ramifications of the law. It is all kind of wrapped up in a deeper discussion of how do you measure intelligence and is there value to doing this. Worth checking out. 

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    I am a big fan of Revisionist History and have particular interest in MG’s latest topic. I am a former high school teacher. I loved my students but I couldn’t ignore anymore that I wasn’t teaching and helping to make connections with learning and life. It was all about standardized testing and high scores and making the district look good. I finally left sad and disillusioned. 
  • The worst thing is how people who develop standardized tests point to the fact that people who do well on standardized tests are more successful than those who don't - know shit sherlock it's cause we decided that doing well on standardize tests meant you got to go to "better" schools which people respect more so you get the better jobs! 
  • Episode 403 out, about the Boston Tea Party. 
  • S5 coming out in two weeks. 
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