Tyreese FINALLY goes in berzerk mode!


  • Which episode did you watch?
  • MichaelMichael Virginia
    His last episode. Click the link and see for yourself. 

  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    That was better than The Walking Dead.
  • Wow, that was nuts. I want to believe him, but it's hard to believe someone would just toss out that word on a crowded NYC subway. You'd have to be a mad man to blurt that out when you're within an earshot of so many people. Like I said, I want to take him at his word, but there are some things here that don't add up.
  • MmmBopMmmBop United Kingdom
    He sounds drunk or something...
    " for legal reasons, he might not be lol"
  • Michael said:

    His last episode. Click the link and see for yourself. 

    Duh! On my mobile I couldn't tell it was a hyperlink
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    Aron's must be embarrased for his adopted father. 
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    You guys really think somebody on a NYC subway wouldn't have tossed the n-bomb at a celebrity?  You're experiences with the subway and mine are very different, haha.  If my dad wants to get shitty and scream and yell because he's a proud black man and he's all worked up about Baltimore, sheeeeeeeeet, he's welcome to.  You star on The Wire, how the hell you're not supposed to get worked up about this shit in Baltimore?  I'd only be disappointed if he hit somebody. Still love you, dad!
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I'm totally with you A-Ron, people have no hesitation tossing that word out in a big city, especially NYC.  Hell, even in a smaller town like the one I live in, people throw it out all time - now, granted, it's usually teens and people in their early 20's who are thinking it makes them all badass wanna be gangsta - and I want to smack them when I hear it - but it does happen.  I can honestly say I'm on Chad Coleman's side here.  I'm sure tensions are high, especially with the Freddie Gray incident being so recent, then hearing someone call you the n-word within earshot of you?  Yeah, I'm sure he would be upset.  I probably would too.  On the other hand, taking the higher road isn't always a bad thing, especially when you are a public figure.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I love telling people to take the high road.  Leaves more room on the low road for me.  :D
  • joschmanjoschman Fargo, ND
    Time to make "I am Chad L. Coleman" t-shirts.
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