Network (1976)

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As Netflix has just added Network, I watched it for the first time and was completely shaken and mesmerized by the whole thing. Must have been so savagely timely then and of now, ultimately prophetic. To have this come out the year of America's bicentennial, amough the loss of the Vietnam war and the gas crisis, and the economic recession - and for the ultimate message to be so utterly dark and depressing and futile!  I found shades of Scorsese's King of Comedy, which would come out several years later... And now I understand how much Nightcrawler homaged it. There are some goddamn face-melting monologues and performances. Probably one of the best screenplays, easily.

I've been searching desperately for articles and podcasts discussing the movie - I ran across a pretty good one at The Ringer, but what do you guys think of the film?  I find certain parts don't age great, things like blaming the state of the world on the "tv generation" kinda fall flat to me...But ultimately, just a really well done, interesting movie.


  • The amazing Cine-Files podcast series have a great discussion of Network. Guest starring a news guy from the 70’s. 
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