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  • Eh might as well give it a try I guess. If it doesn’t work we can always just switch back. 
  • I think it’s all going to be a GMing execution decision anyway, because the players shouldn’t wait for others to give their actions first just because someone else is higher in whatever initiative order we’re using. @CretanBull can figure out how it interacts once it’s time to move things forward. 
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    Here's an invite to the roll20 game that I've set up:  https://app.roll20.net/join/4813724/XV9i5g

    Join the game, then hit the 'launch game' button.  Inside, you'll see some blank character sheets (named "Blank") under the "Journal" tab (top right hand corner).  Click on a sheet, and you''ll get 3 options "Charactermancer", "NPC" or "Custom" - chose "Charactermancer" and it will walk you through the 5e character creation process.

    Right now, I only have the Player's Handbook and Xanathar's races, classes, subclasses & spells loaded into roll20...it would be best if you made a character from these books :)

    PS - please use point buy or standard array for your stats!
  • A few things...

    The character sheets that are called "blank" appear can be seen and edited by everyone.  When you claim a blank sheet, change it's name to something other than "blank" and I was make it so that only you can see and edit that sheet.  While we're getting things set up, it would be good if your roll20 sign in name and your character's name were the same as your Balm Move forum name.  Don't worry, these can all be changed later but it will be helpful to me when it comes to assigning the proper character sheet to the right player.

    If you click on a sheet called 'blank' and it looks like someone has already started working on it, please just close that sheet and move on to the next 'blank' sheet :)

    At this point, we should probably figure out who's playing and you guys might want to discuss what characters that you'd like to play.

    I'm open to whatever, but would strongly prefer if you chose you race/class/subclass/spells etc from the Player's Handbook & Xanathat's Guide to Everything.  It is possible to manually add custom options, but it really does make things more difficult (for one, you lose the ability to use the charactermancer because it's only integrated with the PHB and Xanathar's).  If you'd be absolutely miserable making a character solely from the PHB & Xanathar's, PM me and I'll see if I can make what you want work.

    In an hour or so, I'll post a little bit of history and context here - just a very basic intro and frame work to the campaign.  While reading it, you'll likely want to refer to the map that's currently loaded into roll20 right now (if I can screen grab it, I might be able to post it here too!).

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    Finally my laziness is paying off! I had an unused Roll20 account from 2015 and was named CapeGabe like most of my other logins because of the lesser strain on my tiny brain. That name created because I was down the Cape when I bought an Android tablet and had to create a Google login.

    As far as characters I'd be interested in: Cleric, Bard, or if we have a larger group an early squishy and semi useless  Monk. I'll wait to see the campaign notes and how many people we have to decide.
  • I can play anything but currently I’m partial towards Paladin. 
  • I set up a channel on the Discord if we want to talk there. 
  • Paladin or Rogue. 
  • Are we rolling stats or point buy or basic array?
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    Alkaid13 said:
    Are we rolling stats or point buy or basic array?
    Standard Array or point buy - both options are given in the charactermancer.  Also, full hit points for 1st lvl.
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    Rip the randomness of rolling for stats, probably for the best; I’ve only ever rolled very bad or very good for stats, never produces a good average. 
  • If you make a paladin, cleric or any other character that you want to incorporate a religious background into use one of the Forgotten Realms Gods.  This campaign will take place in my own world and I use a book called "The Book of the Righteous" for the pantheon of Gods, but if you pick one from the Forgotten Realms I'll give you the name of an analogous God from my setting. 

    The starting town has one known temple, to a neutral good Goddess called "Thellyne, Sister of the Hunt". Her domain includes the woods, woodcraft, hunting and trapping and she is the matron of rangers, hunters, foresters, loggers, barbarians and anyone who lives off of or in a forest (excluding Druids, they have their own God!).  She is particularly popular with humans, elves, half-elves, halflings and gnomes...and not very popular with dwarfs.  Her temple is called "The Church of the Golden Sister".

    There are unconfirmed rumours that in Rockbottom (more on that later!) there's an underground sect devoted to the lawful evil god "Naran, The Piercing Eye"  His domain is lies, villainy, cunning and conspiracies.
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    Giant info dump!  I might make minor edits to this (nothing of substance will change!) but I wanted to get it out ASAP because people have already started making their characters.  Also, I'll add a bit of information regarding the area around the town (the forest, farmlands etc).


    Woodside, a tour of the town…

    Jimmeron Palace

    The campaign begins in a small but bustling town of Woodside.  Founded nearly a century ago, Woodside was originally the location of a wilderness hunting lodge built by a wealthy nobleman named Orek Jimmeron.  Over the years as the lodge grew and expanded, a small town began to spring up around it.  Many decades later, what was once a simple lodge is now known as Jimmeron Palace.  The current occupant of the Palace is Queen Annabella Jimmeron, the eldest living ancestor of Orek and presiding monarch of Woodside. The Palace grounds are mostly open to the public (although the Palace itself is tightly guarded) and host a temple to Thellyne, Sister of the Hunt.

    The Palace District

    Directly to the East of the Palace is a walled community called The Palace District.  This is where the wealthiest members of Woodside live.  Only Ladies, lords and nobles – many of whom are descendants of Orek – along with the richest of merchants, traders and retired adventurers of upstanding reputation can call the Palace District home.  Non-residents of the Palace District require a written invitation from a resident to gain entry into the Palace District.

    Administrative Row

    Further to the East is a small stretch of government and bureaucratic buildings known as Administration Row.  Agencies and offices dealing with the day to day running of the town can be found here.  Among the buildings in this area are the Trade Union Hall, the Merchant’s Guild, the Currency Exchange, the Headquarters of the Falcon Guards (the town’s police/guard force) and other offices dealing with licencing, permits, regulatory issues and all of Woodside’s other bureaucratic needs.


    Across the Town River lies a region of Woodside known as Rockbottom.  Originally the location of a small serfdom of farmers, fishermen and labourers that sprung up to support Orek’s hunting lodge, Rockbottom is now home to Woodside’s poorest and most unsavory citizens.  Rockbottom almost exists as a town unto itself as few citizens of either side of the Town River often cross it.  When Woodside first erected its town walls, there was great debate about whether or not to include Rockbottom inside of the town’s official boundary.  In the end, it was thought that the town would be safer from invasion with buffer of expendable people East of the river.  Many people, from both sides, still question the wisdom of that decision.  The Falcon Guards do not patrol Rockbottom, instead it is rumoured to be under the thumb of the area’s thieves’ guild known as the Quarrymen.

    Middling Manor

    The area that makes up the majority of Woodside’s South-East neighbourhood is referred to as Middling Manor.  The is where the bulk of the town’s population live, and is generally a blend of working and middle class families.  Mixed among the houses of Middling Manor various shops, inns, drinking establishments and businesses can be found.  The area is very self-sufficient and citizens rarely find the need to leave their neighbourhood.

    The Commons

    At the town’s centre is a sprawling parkland known as the Commons.  These are public lands available to be used by the citizens of Woodside for a wide range of activities ranging from picnics to political rallies (permits required!).  It’s a popular location for weekend relaxation, weddings, sporting events and general leisure.  At the very centre of the Commons, a fountain dedicated to the Goddess Thellyne.

    The Market

    The neighbourhood in Woodside’s South-West is called The Market.  While it is home to the majority of the town’s trade and commerce, it is also a residential area – mostly for merchants, traders and their families.  If you’re looking to buy something, the Market is the first place that you’d look.  Its streets are lined and crowded with shops, stalls and booths selling all manner of goods, most locally produced by exotic items from far off lands can often be found here.  There are many inns and taverns in the Market, and is usually the where travellers and adventurers can be found.

    Forestview Heights

    And finally, in the town’s North-West region lies the neighbourhood known as Forestview Heights.  This area is generally viewed as being the home of Woodside’s non-noble upper class and other aspirational families.  Not nearly as wealthy as those who live in the Palace District, residents still view themselves as a cut above the rest of Woodside’s citizens.  Many of the wealthier families in Forestview Heights have petitioned for the construction of a wall to segregate their community from the rest of Woodside, but there’s little political will within the town’s administration to accommodate this.

  • I’m curious how long I can play LN, atheist Oath of Conquest Paladin without just going straight evil. 
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    Some regional information....

    Woodside is a frontier town, originally the location of a hunting lodge it's remote location was purposely chosen for its access to fertile hunting grounds.  There are several smaller villages - mostly farming and logging communities - in the region, but the closest town of comparable size (Dorrington) is about a week's travel by horseback and the closest city of note (Shorecrest) is several weeks away.  Despite its isolation, Woodside is a growing town.  Being on the frontier, it's a popular waypoint for adventurers setting out into the unexplored lands of the North and West.

    The town is surrounded by rich soil and supports a robust agricultural industry, more than enough food is produced to sustain Woodside.  To the immediate North of the town lies the appropriately named Northwood Forest.  Although Woodside is heavily dependent on the lumber and forestry industries, due to an agreement with the Emerald Dawn elven tribe, the Northwood forest West of the Town River isn't harvested.  The Northwood forest is massive in size, several hundred square kilometres in area, but Woodside is rarely attacked from the denizens of the forest.  Historically, the town's walls have held up and their strength has dissuaded others from attacking.  Having said that, the surrounding communities haven't always been as lucky.  Raids on farming villages and forestry camps in the region aren't uncommon, and many adventurers cut their teeth protecting these establishments.

    Woodside and the Emerald Dawn elves are treatied allies, but don't often interact with each other.  The elves prefer to stick to themselves and discourage even their allies from entering their forest.  Those from Woodside who encroach too deep into the forest are often met with stern warnings to return to where they've come from.  Despite this sometimes frosty relationship, in times of trouble the Emerald Dawn elves and the citizens of Woodside have always worked together as trusted allies.

    The Town River runs from a mountain range far to the North, snakes its way South through the Northwood forest before passing through Woodside and draining into Woodside Bay, which connects to the Great Ocean just South of Woodside.  Over the last century, the river has been used for fishing and to transport goods downstream - particularly from mining and timber camps to the North.
  • About Roll20 - 

    If you need to add something to your character (an item from your background, a spell etc) if you go to the 'Compendium" tab in the top right corner (it's a black circle with a "i" in it), type in whatever it is that you're looking for, and as long as its in the Player's Handbook or Xanathar's Guide to Everything, you can search for it and then drag it and drop it onto your character sheet and it will go to the appropriate place ie if you drag and drop a longsword, it will land in your weapon's box, if you drag and drop a spell it will land in your spell sheet etc

    You probably won't have to do this at first lvl, the charactermancer should do all of that for you with your starting equipment, spells etc but it's a handy thing to know going forward :)
  • so ive created my character. anything else for now?
  • Hatorian said:
    so ive created my character. anything else for now?
    Nope, that's it for now....I'll PM you in a sec though!
  • Also, if you're playing and have read my long info dump, please give it a thumbs up so I know that you've read it!
  • Alkaid13 said:
    I’m curious how long I can play LN, atheist Oath of Conquest Paladin without just going straight evil. 

    As long as you are not a LG Paladin named Holden we should be OK.
  • And actually, there is something else that can be done...I need a 'headshot' pic of your character...just do a google images search for like "gnome wizard" or whatever and you'll probably find what I need.  I'll use these to make tokens ("minis") that you'll be able to move around on the map when we're in a dungeon or some other tactical location.

    An example....I take a pic like this:

    And turn it into a token like this:

    On a dungeon map, the tokens will occupy 1 square (even though they're round!) and that will help you to determine which bad guys are within reach you, who's in your spell's area of effect etc.
  • picture updated. 
    also if we need more players i have a buddy who isn't on the forums thats willing to play. just let me know. 

  • Apparently there's a glitch in the drop-down menu for determining your stats in charactermancer and you're being forced to choose 'custom'.  For this campaign, we'll be using either standard array or point buy.

    For Standard array, choose these stats and assign them where you'd like to: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8.  - remember to make sure that your racial bonuses are added.

    For point buy, this is a helpful calculator: http://chicken-dinner.com/5e/5e-point-buy.html  You can select your race in this calculator and it will add your racial bonuses for you.  Raise or lower your stats until the "points total" = 27/27 
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    Half-orc Barbarian, I choose you!


  • Good and Neutral Gods and Goddess of the Realm (if you're going to choose a God or Goddess, I'd prefer that it not be an evil one...but if you have a cool concept in mind, I don't want to stand in the way of it.  PM me if you need a list of the evil Gods).

    URIAN - Neutral good God of the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, the winds, freedom and salvation.  Holy Symbol: An 'yin-yang' orb, half silver (representing the moon) and half gold (representing the sun).

    RONTRA - Lawful Good Goddess of the earth, plants, farms, dirt, germs, metals, farmers, miners and all others who revere the earth.  Holy Symbol: A tall triangle (representing a mountain)

    SHALIMYR - Chaotic Neutral God of the ocean, rivers, lakes, streams, rain, fishing, sailing and all other endeavors that rely on the water. Holy Symbol: A cresting wave

    ELIWYN - Neutral Good - Goddess of nature, undiluted innocence, purity, the abundant life of the world and hope.  She is associated with treants, unicorns, guardians of nature, worshiped by most Druids and some rangers and barbarians. Holy Symbol: A flowering tree with gold leaves

    THE NAMELESS ONE - True Neutral - Creator God, dispassionate beginning and end of all things, the creator and future destroyer of the entire universe.  Worshiped my many Monks and some wizards. Holy Symbol - an infinity symbol.

    MORWYN - Lawful Good - Goddess of healing, wisdom, peace, forgiveness, mothers, childbirth and mercy.  Also known as the Queen of Heaven or the White Lady.  Symbol: A gloved white hand.

    TERAK - Lawful Neutral and Lawful Good - Dual faced God of the body, valour, war, physical struggle, brotherly unity and battle.  He is worshiped by soldiers and warriors of all types, people who need protection and those who offer protection of the weak.  Lawful Neutral Symbol: a bound bundle of sticks.  Lawful Good Symbol: A Shield 

    ZHEENKEEF - Chaotic Neutral God of inspiration, intuition, madness, invention, internal turmoil, creativity, tragedy, wine, prophecy, oracles, half-wits and geniuses. A favoured God among gnomes. Holy symbol: An bunch of red grapes inside of an inverted triangle 

    TINEL - True Neutral God of magic, knowledge, the mind, secrets, truth, science, magicians, scholars, scribes, the inquisitive and seekers of the truth.  Holy Symbol: A golden Key

    MORMEKAR - True Neutral God of death, rebirth, the dead, the dying, those who destroy the undead, those seeking rebirth and the reborn.  Symbol: A vulture 

    MAAL - Lawful Neutral - God of Justice, law, the dead, the land of the dead, retribution, lawyers, magistrates, judges and all others who make their living through the law or have a special love for it.  Symbol: An Owl 

    DARMON - Chaotic Good - God of travelers, tricksters, rogues, joy, laughter, good fortune, trade, merchants, diplomacy, messengers, jesters, scouts, rebels and thieves.  Symbol: A Fox

    AYMARA - Chaotic Good - Goddess of love, music, passion, romance, marriage, lovers, musicians, artists and bards.  Symbol: A gold lyre 

    KORAK - Neutral Good - God of smiths, artisans, carpenters, masons and labourers of all types.  Particularly worshipped among Dwarves.  Symbol: A Hammer and Anvil

    ANWYN - Lawful Good - Goddess of the hearth, home, households, servants, peasants and small folk of all varieties.  Very popular among halflings.  Symbol: a picture of a warm fire inside of a circular stone

    NARYNE - Lawful neutral - Goddess of nobility, royalty, kingdoms, leadership, rulership, kings, queens, and nobles. Symbol: A Gold Crown

    CANELLE - Chaotic Good - Goddess of victory, athletics, competition, raw physical strength, glory, running, games, athletes, and competitors.  Symbol: A hippogriff

    THELLYNE - Neutral Good - Goddess of the woods, woodcraft, hunting, trapping, and tracking.  Matron of hunters, rangers and all others whose lives rely on the forest.  Symbol: A Hawk

  • My guys backstory basically means he doesn’t believe in gods. Is that ok?
  • Hatorian said:
    My guys backstory basically means he doesn’t believe in gods. Is that ok?
    Yup, not a problem at all.  The Gods and Goddess of the realm won't come into play too often, unless someone makes a cleric or a paladin of faith.
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    Speaking of backstories, everyone should have one.  It doesn't need to be too elaborate (in this type of slower moving campaign, I don't know much of each character's backstory I'll be able to weave into the adventures) but you should have a reason for your character being in Woodside and what their general purpose of being there is.  Whether you were born there, traveled there or wondered out of the forest and found yourself there....let me know how you got there and why you're still there.
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    Here’s my backstory. Sorry I’m not a good writer but here’s my characters backstory that give the DM some stuff to work with...

    The screams echoed across the lake. He quickly picked up his gear and ran back towards the camp as the screaming amplified. Running as fast as he can he could hear the sounds of his Wife and kids screaming his name.

    Before he reached the yells and screams slowly stopped. He crept along the edge of the camp. He couldn’t make out the silhouettes but multiple figures stood standing facing the fire. Almost as hypnotized by the fire. He crept closer and closer. 

    Almost in a daze he walked towards his Wife. Now undead. She turns to him and violently approaches him. Knowing no other choice he puts a dagger in her head. Weeping and crying. as the other undead realise his presence they start to approach him. Hoping his kids are safe he calls out their names. They shamble out of the tent they were sleeping in before he had left. Undead, with eyes white. As the dead surround him, he had to make a choice. Kill his kids and die...or flee. He fled.

    after months of living alone. he came across a group of elves. They lived as he had. Living off the land. He built a great relationship with Tibia. The leader of the group. The group was strong and easily dispatched camps of goblins and orcs. However it wasn’t Long until the group came across a human camp. It was then he noticed Tibia’s group would kill and pillage as they pleased. As the camp was murdered he left. Sneaking away as the screams of murder lessened. After weeks of travel on his own he came upon the city of Woodside...

  • A portrait for you, good sir
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