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    Stirling, a lowborn halfling in the struggling community of Millershaven, always chafed at the expectations and rules of what "civilized" halfling society thought was appropriate. An outgoing and friendly sort, Stirling always commanded a room.  Despite his family's distinct lack of coin, Stirling always wanted to experience the world from an early age - Millershaven was not nearly enough.  While still a young lad, Stirling would sneak out as he was able to spend time in the rough logging camp off in the woods beyond Millershaven.

    Being a sheltered sort, initially, Stirling was easy pickings for the toughs that hung around the camp.  After a particularly bad run of luck at dice, to Stirling's great embarrassment, a smooth talking tiefling enforcer soon showed up in Millershaven, riding through the community, trying to collect the debt that Stirling owed.  After encountering token resistance, the ruffian drafted other hoodlums from the camp to assist in cutting a swathe through the community, taking much more than Stirling owed, and from those who could least afford it.

    Cowed and angry, Stirling shamefully decided to leave for parts unknown, so as not to visit the sins of his curiosity and weakness on those who chose to remain in the staid old ways.  His persona all buff and bravado, carrying the stage name of Milton-Thistle to belie his lowly roots, Stirling hopes one day to return, wiser and able to make recompense for the suffering he caused.....  Until then?  The stage, wherever that road may take him.  
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