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  • As far as the antitoxin mechanic goes @CretanBull, I imagine it’s set up that way because it’s acting as a general “advantage on saves against any poison” which is very broad and includes everything from regular old rat poison to the breath weapon of a green dragon. If we were to analyze this particular poison and discover that it’s, I don’t know “deadly nightshade” or something, we could probably derive a specific antidote for deadly nightshade that would cure someone already poisoned, but that’s up to you. 
  • (Also Lay on Hands allows me to neutralize a poison for five points so I can actually just do that once per day for free anyways)
  • I think it's going very well as far as I'm concerned, and the pace has actually been fine with no one AWOL so far....
  • Alkaid13 said:
    So far so good, I’m not certain how useful the “social encounter initiative” set up is given that we seem to just pipe up at random. Which is basically how actual games go to be fair, people talk when they feel like talking. 
    Yeah, this has been a bit awkward at times.  From my end, I need a way of prioritizing what happens first.  At a table, people all say things at once but the DM has a chance to say "Woah!  One at a time, tell me what are you doing..." and then going around the table...because we're playing one move at a time, I'm trying to find a way where we skip to the "Woah, one at a time" phase to save some time, but I'd agree that what we're doing now isn't perfect and I'm open to changes.

    I think what could help is if you guys discussed your actions in this thread, worked out what you were going to do and then when you were committed to a plan then post it in other thread.  I'm not sure if that would work, but it's an idea.
  • BTW I changed the coin on my character sheet for my emergency sling purchase.

    For the lazy like me:
  • Did Stirling find out anything from the inn workers?
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    I think it's going well. Our group has lots of well-spoken characters, so I'm just trying to figure out what a "Do-er" like Ragnuk would say and do in their company without just complaining about the chin-wagging. Fortunately 8 INT isn't so low that he's dumb.. just a little slower and a little blunt.

    I'm open to trying to discuss plans here, then post in the other thread when decided or when we feel our character's decided. 
  • For planning purposes, I will be heading to the apothecary to identify the poison and then to the graveyard where I will do a perimeter check and then wait inside for the meeting. Since I have terrible Dex there’s no point in being stealthy but other members might want to follow behind in an alley or on a roof or something to see who tails me while I intentionally draw attention. 
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    I'm not sure Ragnuk has the requisite skill to follow stealthily (despite good dex).. his idea of incognito might be offering to guess people's weight in the marketplace by picking them up and refusing to let go until they agree he's guessed correctly.
  • Did Stirling find out anything from the inn workers?
    I was waiting to hear from everyone before I started replying to individual messages.
  • Just for clarity - there isn't a need to split the party (although you're free to if you want to), the shopping and visit to the apocothary can all be done within a matter of minutes while making your way to the cemetery.  Given that you have no specific timeline for your meeting, it's doubtful that delaying the meeting by 20 minutes to do some shopping will make a difference. 
  • might have missed this but where is the gold on the character sheet? and how much do we have starting off?
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    Hatorian said:
    might have missed this but where is the gold on the character sheet? and how much do we have starting off?
    You starting money comes from your background...I've taken a look at your character sheet and realized that you've inputted a custom background based on your backstory.  I cut & pasted the backstory that you wrote and placed it the bio section of your character sheet.

    To pick a background (which is a character feature, not the same as your person bio although the two should probably align in some way) open your sheet in roll20.  On main page where it says "Core.Bio.Spells" there's a cogwheel to the right, click on that.  In the bottom right corner of the new page that opens, you'll see "Launch Level 1 Charactermance"- click on that.  In the new screen, you'll see a bunch of tabs, one of them is called "Background" click on that.  On the background page there is a dropdown menu that you can pick a background from - chose one from the list and it will give you bonus equipment, proficiencies, skills etc and starting money.

    Try to pick one that matches up with your biography ie given what you've written something like "Knight" or "Pirate" probably wouldn't make sense, but some of the others can work (Folk Hero?)

  • it only gives me 2 options. Acolyte or custom...
  • Hatorian said:
    it only gives me 2 options. Acolyte or custom...
    It might have been that way when you first made your character because Roll20 had a glitch, but it's been fixed since then.  Have you tried recently?  When I click on your character I get the full list of options.
  • nope. just though 2. maybe you can change it for me? whats the list?
  • Hatorian said:
    nope. just though 2. maybe you can change it for me? whats the list?
    In Roll20, click on the compendium (the grey circle with the "I" in the middle of it in the top right corner of your screen), it will give you a list of subcatagories one of them is called "Backgrounds" - click on that and it will give you a list of options (click on the name of each background to read about it and find out what benefits you gain from picking it).

    I'm wondering if the reason why you're only seeing 2 options is because you made your character at a time when roll20 was clitched.  I'll make a copy of your character and see if that changes things for you.
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    I've made a character that is a duplicate of your character and called it "Justus (2)" - it should be in your journal.  Follow the steps to open the lvl 1 charactermancer and you should be able to pick a background.  In order to complete your charactersheet I was forced to pick one and chose 'hermit' based on the fact that you lived on your own as part of your backstory. Hermit gave you proficiency in the Herbalism Kit, an additional language (I chose Sylvan simply because you spent time in the woods), two extra skills (Medicine and Religion) and 5 gold pieces.  If you like Hermit, keep it and you can pick a different language than Sylvan if you'd like to. If you pick a different background (and feel free to!) you'll lose these things but gain other things..they'll be different but roughly the same kinds of benefits...a language, 2 skills, a tool proficiency and a little startling money.

    You should be able to see all of the background options now and be able to edit your character (on the Justus (2) charactersheet) If you're able to, I'll transfer your pick over etc and we'll delete your other character.

    If for some reason you still can't see all of the background options in the charactermancer, look up 'backgrounds' in the compendium, pick which one you want and I'll manually update your character sheet.
  • when i review. it does show the hermit and all that stuff. but when i click on background i still get the only option of acolytre or custom. 

    for the sake the game i will go hermit. i dont want to hold things up. update and delete whichever character you need to. 
  • i can webex the issue with you if you're online. ill send you my number PM and you can whatsapp me and maybe we can work through the problem. 
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    In my main game tonight, my character was in a position to save the party...and failed miserably.  The thief in our party had to sneak into a noble's house to steal an item that we needed to pay-off a debt to a mercenary group who were going to kill us because we owed them and kept dodging them.  Our thief successfully climbs the walls, picks a window lock, silently climbs into the bedroom of the noble while she slept, quietly slide a metal chest out from under her bed (a disadvantaged stealth check!), picked the lock, got the item...then failed his stealth check on his way out.  The noble woke up, screamed, guards came running and the chase was on.

    We had a backup plan if things didn't go as expected.  I was waiting outside of the house.  If the plan worked, I'd just leave.  If our rogue got caught my job (as the bard with 17 charisma) was to charge in and convince the noblewoman that our rogue had betrayed us and that I'd followed him to her house to warn her.  If our rogue was able to get away, all I'd have to do is severe my group's connection to the rogue so we wouldn't be implicated in his crime.  If our rouge was caught, I'd either attack him and let him get away during our fight or allow him to get arrested and make a big show about how he betrayed our group etc. and then we had a way of springing him from jail once he was arrested.

    As it turned out, after the guards had been alerted our rogue managed to escape (but had been identified during the robbery).  In order to get into the house, I had to talk my way past a guard - I convinced him that the noble's life was in danger and that I needed this help to protect the woman.  Because I'd convinced him, when it came time to convince the noblewoman, my DM gave me advantage on my deception check.  All I had to do was convince this woman that our rogue betrayed us (and her) and that I was there to warn her.

    I made my deception check with advantage...

    I fumbled twice.

    Our session ended with me being arrested, and the rest of my party (who were sleeping while all of this happened) were rounded up and brought into custody.  Our DM said that he'd give us a chance to spend the next week (we play every Sunday) to come up with a plan to talk our way out of being executed...but he also told us that we should also bring new characters to the table with us "just in case".

    @Doctor_Nick - I hope your bard named Stirling does better than my Sterling did :neutral:
  • I like these D&D stories. I think tomorrow when I'm at my PC I'll create a thread for people to add theirs. I'll name it after one of my favorite YouTube series: Tales From My D&D Campaign 
  • CapeGabe said:
    I like these D&D stories. I think tomorrow when I'm at my PC I'll create a thread for people to add theirs. I'll name it after one of my favorite YouTube series: Tales From My D&D Campaign 
    That would be cool. I have a few cool stories when I was a character and when I was a DM. As a character one of the recurring themes we had from the DM was Hell Hotel...we never knew when it would happen but the DM would pull out Hell Hotel during campaigns. Basically any new inn we stayed at had the chance to be Hell Hotel. We would be awoken in the middle of the night in sort of an LSD type trip where the owner was actually a part of this sadistic group of inn owners across the world. It was great and the DM did a great job of making sure we never knew when we would be forced into surviving the night at one of these inns. 
  • Everything going ok?
  • Anyone use D&D Beyond?

    The game I joined with my cousins uses the app Houseparty and the honor system for rolls. They all use their phones, I use Chrome Extension. I wanted an interactive character sheet so I tried D&D Beyond.

    Surprisingly it is fantastic. So easy to track and modify everything you are doing. 

    The best part is clicking on bonus action and seeing all your choices. So many times you forget in the heat of the moment things you can do.

    The spells are fairly well tracked too. There is a Short Rest & Long Rest button that resets the sheet for you too.

    Because I wanted a War Domain cleric I ended up buying the Player's Handbook for $30 but I could have just paid $2 for the War Cleric. You can buy other books or just buy individual items. 

    Only problem so far is the phone app dosen't  have your Character Sheets but is supposed to be added this year.
  • Yes. DND Beyond is fantastic but expensive. I’ve used the whole thing once when a DM owned a lifetime pass for their campaign and it makes it so easy. 
  • Normally I would be grumbling about overcharging for digital book but all the things the site does well made me think it was worth it. I don't see me spending anything else now I got PHB. Famous last words...
  • You're missing a bit of the character generation options from a couple of updated books.  I really like Swashbuckler rogues, for instance.  
  • You trying to spend my money from afar?
  • BTW @CretanBull the icons in the map don't have nametages on them for me.  
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