Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 1): Players Only Please

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This thread has been set up to host a Play by Post game of Dungeons and Dragons for the Bald Move community.  If you're not a current player, please don't post in this thread!  If you have any questions or comments, please post them here:



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    Woodside, a tour of the town…

    Jimmeron Palace

    The campaign begins in a small but bustling town of Woodside.  Founded nearly a century ago, Woodside was originally the location of a wilderness hunting lodge built by a wealthy nobleman named Orek Jimmeron.  Over the years as the lodge grew and expanded, a small town began to spring up around it.  Many decades later, what was once a simple lodge is now known as Jimmeron Palace.  The current occupant of the Palace is Queen Annabella Jimmeron, the eldest living ancestor of Orek and presiding monarch of Woodside. The Palace grounds are mostly open to the public (although the Palace itself is tightly guarded) and host a temple to Thellyne, Sister of the Hunt.

    The Palace District

    Directly to the East of the Palace is a walled community called The Palace District.  This is where the wealthiest members of Woodside live.  Only Ladies, lords and nobles – many of whom are descendants of Orek – along with the richest of merchants, traders and retired adventurers of upstanding reputation can call the Palace District home.  Non-residents of the Palace District require a written invitation from a resident to gain entry into the Palace District.

    Administrative Row

    Further to the East is a small stretch of government and bureaucratic buildings known as Administration Row.  Agencies and offices dealing with the day to day running of the town can be found here.  Among the buildings in this area are the Trade Union Hall, the Merchant’s Guild, the Currency Exchange, the Headquarters of the Falcon Guards (the town’s police/guard force) and other offices dealing with licencing, permits, regulatory issues and all of Woodside’s other bureaucratic needs.


    Across the Town River lies a region of Woodside known as Rockbottom.  Originally the location of a small serfdom of farmers, fishermen and labourers that sprung up to support Orek’s hunting lodge, Rockbottom is now home to Woodside’s poorest and most unsavory citizens.  Rockbottom almost exists as a town unto itself as few citizens of either side of the Town River often cross it.  When Woodside first erected its town walls, there was great debate about whether or not to include Rockbottom inside of the town’s official boundary.  In the end, it was thought that the town would be safer from invasion with buffer of expendable people East of the river.  Many people, from both sides, still question the wisdom of that decision.  The Falcon Guards do not patrol Rockbottom, instead it is rumoured to be under the thumb of the area’s thieves’ guild known as the Quarrymen.

    Middling Manor

    The area that makes up the majority of Woodside’s South-East neighbourhood is referred to as Middling Manor.  The is where the bulk of the town’s population live, and is generally a blend of working and middle class families.  Mixed among the houses of Middling Manor various shops, inns, drinking establishments and businesses can be found.  The area is very self-sufficient and citizens rarely find the need to leave their neighbourhood.

    The Commons

    At the town’s centre is a sprawling parkland known as the Commons.  These are public lands available to be used by the citizens of Woodside for a wide range of activities ranging from picnics to political rallies (permits required!).  It’s a popular location for weekend relaxation, weddings, sporting events and general leisure.  At the very centre of the Commons, a fountain dedicated to the Goddess Thellyne.

    The Market

    The neighbourhood in Woodside’s South-West is called The Market.  While it is home to the majority of the town’s trade and commerce, it is also a residential area – mostly for merchants, traders and their families.  If you’re looking to buy something, the Market is the first place that you’d look.  Its streets are lined and crowded with shops, stalls and booths selling all manner of goods, most locally produced by exotic items from far off lands can often be found here.  There are many inns and taverns in the Market, and is usually the where travellers and adventurers can be found.

    Forestview Heights

    And finally, in the town’s North-West region lies the neighbourhood known as Forestview Heights.  This area is generally viewed as being the home of Woodside’s non-noble upper class and other aspirational families.  Not nearly as wealthy as those who live in the Palace District, residents still view themselves as a cut above the rest of Woodside’s citizens.  Many of the wealthier families in Forestview Heights have petitioned for the construction of a wall to segregate their community from the rest of Woodside, but there’s little political will within the town’s administration to accommodate this.

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    Some regional information....

    Woodside is a frontier town, originally the location of a hunting lodge it's remote location was purposely chosen for its access to fertile hunting grounds.  There are several smaller villages - mostly farming and logging communities - in the region, but the closest town of comparable size (Dorrington) is about a week's travel by horseback and the closest city of note (Shorecrest) is several weeks away.  Despite its isolation, Woodside is a growing town.  Being on the frontier, it's a popular way point for adventurers setting out into the unexplored lands of the North and West.

    The town is surrounded by rich soil and supports a robust agricultural industry, more than enough food is produced to sustain Woodside.  To the immediate North of the town lies the appropriately named Northwood Forest.  Although Woodside is heavily dependent on the lumber and forestry industries, due to an agreement with the Emerald Dawn elven tribe, the Northwood forest West of the Town River isn't harvested.  The Northwood forest is massive in size, several hundred square kilometres in area, but Woodside is rarely attacked from the denizens of the forest.  Historically, the town's walls have held up and their strength has dissuaded others from attacking.  Having said that, the surrounding communities haven't always been as lucky.  Raids on farming villages and forestry camps in the region aren't uncommon, and many adventurers cut their teeth protecting these establishments.

    Woodside and the Emerald Dawn elves are treatied allies, but don't often interact with each other.  The elves prefer to stick to themselves and discourage even their allies from entering their forest.  Those from Woodside who encroach too deep into the forest are often met with stern warnings to return to where they've come from.  Despite this sometimes frosty relationship, in times of trouble the Emerald Dawn elves and the citizens of Woodside have always worked together as trusted allies.

    The Town River runs from a mountain range far to the North, snakes its way South through the Northwood forest before passing through Woodside and draining into Woodside Bay, which connects to the Great Ocean just South of Woodside.  Over the last century, the river has been used for fishing and to transport goods downstream - particularly from mining and timber camps to the North.

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    While far from accurate or complete, this represents your current understanding of Dwellmir - an island Kingdom that occupies almost the entire continent that you're on.  You'll discover more about the other cities and towns as you learn and explore while playing :)

    Map.jpg 603.4K
  • Our players...

    @Flukes : the half-orc Barbarian Ragnuk Sigurdsson
    @Hatorian : the half-elven Ranger Justus
    @Alkaid13 : the aasimar Paladin Aurelia Mardin
    @CapeGabe : the High-elven Wizard Darcassan
    @Doctor_Nick : the halfling Bard Stirling Milton-Thistle
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    And so we begin....if you want to discuss things before acting, please do so in this thread: - or on Discord in the DnD - Play by Post channel.  Anything posted in this thread will be taken as cannon.

    It will take us a bit to develop a flow and way of proceeding, so how we start things off probably won't be how we're playing weeks and months from now...but let's try to start with some structure.  If it ends up being to rigid, we'll adjust on the fly.

    Remember, you're not obligated to act on your turn.  The turn order is simply there to determine the order that actions take place in.  Your action might be to engage with someone/something or it might be to wait to see what the other members of the group do.  You can reply whenever you'd like, but things won't go into effect until everyone has replied, and they will go into effect according to the turn order (regardless of who replies first etc) unless you give special instructions.  For example, Alkaid13 will act first in social encounters because his CHA is 17.  As his action he can state "I want to wait for Stirling to join me, then I'm going to suggest to him that we go talk to the chief of the town guard together"  On Doctor Nick's turn he could say "I see that Aurelia seems to be waiting for me, so I'll join up with her when I learn that she wants to go talk to the town guard, I'll go with her."  or "I can see that Aurelia is waiting for me, but before talking to her and finding out what she wants, I want to run back to my room and grab my sword".

    After I post something, I'll give everyone 24 hours to reply.  If everyone replies before then, I'll move on to the next phase whenever I'm online.

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     Social Turn Order

    Aurelia (CHA 17), Stirling (CHA 16), Justus (CHA 13), Darcassan (CHA 10), Ragnuk (CHA 10)


    It’s very late at night, well after midnight, and you find yourselves in the drinking hall of the Hunter’s Haven, an inn and public house in the Market District where you’ve all been staying for the last few days.  In the last week or so, you've gotten to know each other a little bit and seem to have a common thirst for adventure.  You've shared some ideas with each other,  suggested various things you might do together - contemplated selling yourselves out as mercenaries, offering your services to protect local farms from goblin raids or to press your luck with the Emerald Dawn Elves and explore the Northwoods.  So far, all you've really done is stay up late and drink together.

    You’re getting ready to retire for the night when a male halfling, maybe around 20 years old wanders in.  At first you think that he’s already drunk, he’s got a dark and confused look upon his face and he’s covered in dirt as if he’s fallen down several times.  He doesn’t seem to notice or pay any attention to you.  His eyes are focused towards the bar that stretches across the back wall of the room.

    “By the Gods Tinderfoot, what’s become of you?” shouts Andru, a middle-aged human man who you’ve come to know as the bartender and proprietor of the Hunter’s Haven.

    “I need a beer Andru…”

    “You look like you've had a few too many, but you don't sound drunk.  What’s happened to ya laddy?”

    “I’ve gotten myself in some trouble over the years Andru, but you’re not going to believe this one. I just woke up in my own grave.”


    “And that’s just the half of it.”

    “You’re not making sense. Is this another one of your stories?”

    “No! I swear!  Just a few hours ago I woke up with a splitting headache and the lights were all out.  When I tried to move, I couldn’t. Not much anyway.  It took me a moment, but I realized that I was trapped in a box – and a pretty tight fit at that.  I punched and kicked at it but I could tell from the hallow thud that I was buried.  I panicked Andru, buried alive I was.  My worst nightmare come true.”

    “How the hell’d you get in there?”

    “I don’t know.  The last thing I remember is walking home the other night and that’s about it, things get foggy after that.”

    “And so, how the hell’d you get out?”

    “This the part that really has me shook. I was in that box for hours Andru.  My mind went to dark places.  I was sure that I was a goner.  I made my peace with Anwyn, begged her for forgiveness as much as I pleaded for a second chance in life.  The air in there was running out and I was beginning to fade.  And that’s when I began to hear a faint sound slowly grow louder until eventually it was right on top of me.  I didn’t know if I was going crazy or if Anwyn had heard my prayers.  That’s when the lid popped off my coffin and I laid there staring up at two faces staring down at me.   I could tell by the way they reacted that they weren’t expecting to see me there, at least not alive, they shit themselves when I reached up to them!  They were grave robbers Andru, I was saved by grave robbers!  One of them thumped me good with a club and held my head down with it while the other pulled a ring off my finger and grabbed my coin purse.  They took off before I could thank them. I didn’t even care about the ring or the coins – mind you, I could have done without the whack to the head.”

    Andru looks Tinderfoot up and down a few times, then bursts out laughing.

    “Tinderfoot, you’re full of shit!  This is you trying ta get a free beer off me!  Yeah, you’d pay for your beer if only you hadn’t just died and had your coin stolen by grave robbers! What'd you do, roll around in the alley out back to dirty yourself up?  I tell you what lad, I don’t believe a word of it but you can have the beer for the laugh you’ve just give me!”

     The halfling doesn’t join in with the laughter.  Instead the dark expression that he had on his face when he first walked in darkens even more.

    “I wish I was lying Andru, really I do, but I swear – this one happened.  I want to report it to the Falcon Guards, but I don't know if they'll take me seriously...ya tell a few fibs every once in awhile and suddenly everything you say is a lie.  Either way, I needed to get a drink in me to calm my nerves before I talk to anyone."

  • So to confirm. My reaction is 3rd? So I have to wait to respond until Aurelia and Stirling go correct?
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    Hatorian said:
    So to confirm. My reaction is 3rd? So I have to wait to respond until Aurelia and Stirling go correct?
    Your action is 3rd, but you can state your action now - it just won't go into effect until Aurelia and Stirling act.

    (Also, you might want to give it another quick read, I posted an earlier version by mistake and I've edited it to the proper major changes, but a few slight differences in details!)
  • I pull out a handkerchief and toss it at Tinderfoot

    What you need sir, is a bath, but I suppose this will have to suffice for the moment. Come now, steady your nerves, then tell me more of your nighttime misadventure, particularly of these grave robbers. 

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    Walks over to Tinderfoot.

    Hail and well met! It seems that woe has befallen you!”

    The small halfling doffs his red plumed cap to Tinderfoot. 

    “Sounds like quite the story. My name is Stirling Morton-Thistle...  yes of those Morton-Thistles! My business happens to be stories!” 

    Gives a meaningful glance at Tinderfoot. 

    ”Perhaps you could tell it from the top, after your favorite libation?”

    Grins toothily and motions to the barkeep and gestures for Tinderfoot to follow to a more private area of the tavern. 

  • Cautious of the intentions and truth of the story I’m a bit more reserved in my approach. 

    I find it quite interesting you were buried with gold...what does a dead man have much use for a purse of coin? 
  • Turns and looks at Justus with a passing frown, before breaking into another big smile.

    "Now, now warden, no need to tax this young man so soon after a fright; shall we let him relax and hear his tale?  Time enough for discussing later....."

    Looks back at Justus out of view of Tinderfoot and winks.
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    Tinderfoot takes the handkerchief Aurelia and begins to wipe the dirt from his face.  He runs his fingers through his hair and gives his head a shake sending small clumps of dirt, mud and clay flying in all directions.  He stretches his arms out before him, then looks down at his shirt and pants, maybe for the first time taking stock of himself and realizing exactly how filthy he is.

    "Thank you, m'lady" he says smiling up at Aurelia.  "We don't see too many aasimar around here.  Mind you, there was this one time when I was out in the forest surrounded by dire wolves and out of nowhere, a bright shining light..."

    "Stick to one story at a time," Andru interrupts.

    "Yes, of course" Tinderfoot replies, a little humbled.

    "And well met to you too Mr. Stirling.  Tall tales from short folk, that seems to be our nature, doesn't it?"  Tinderfoot takes another look at the mess all around him, sees that you're trying to lead him away and follows you to an unoccupied booth.

    Once seated, Justus inquires about being buried with his gold.  Before Tinderfoot can reply, Stirling diffuses any tension with a friendly quip.

    "No, it's quite alright," Tinderfoot assures Stirling, "I've been asking myself the same question.  Mind you, it wasn't gold.  I'm not the wealthiest of men, my coin purse was mostly coppers and a few silver that I'd won earlier that night playing cards over at The Broken Chestplate (*1).  Oh, and the ring of course.  Funny thing is, I don't remember owning a ring - but I definitely remember those grave robbers yanking it off my finger.  I guess maybe I won that playing cards too.  My head is still a little foggy.  Anyway, yeah none of this makes sense to me either.  I don't know why someone would take the trouble to bury me and not take my valuables, meager as they are."

    He takes a huge gulp from his mug, swallows it down and immediately takes another, almost finishing his beer in two mouthfuls.

    "From the top, eh?  Well...I don't remember much more than what I already told Andru and I think you heard all of that.  Last night, I remember heading over to The Broken Chestplate, had a few pints and played some cards.  I prefer doing my drinking here, but Andru is dead set against gambling.  I don't see why, it's not high stakes stuff, mostly playing to raise enough coin to buy the next round.  Although, there was this one time when a super rich merchant came in carrying bags of gold..." 

    "Tinderfoot!" Andru yells from behind the bar.

    The halfling catches himself, looks down at the table slightly embarrassed then lifts his head back up.  "Right, not the time for that story.  Where was I?  Oh - so yeah, I played some cards won a few silver and I guess a ring.  I left there pretty late and on my own.  This where my memory starts to get blurry.  I definitely remember walking towards my place, maybe feeling a little more tipsy than I should have been...then the next thing I remember is waking up in pine box - thirsty, starving and scared."

    He takes a moment to look around the table, he appears to be gauging your reactions to his story.  He shrugs his shoulders apparently satisfied and continues.

    "So the grave robbers came, seemed shocked to see me alive and gave me a thump.  One of them used his club to hold me down while the other went right for my ring.  After pulling that off, he gave me a quick once over, found my coin purse and snatched it off my belt. In the commotion, one of them said something like "why isn't he dead?" or maybe "is he undead?" - something like that.  The two of them took off in a hurry right after that.  It took me a minute or two to get my bearings and try to wrap my head around what had just happened.  I pulled myself up out of my grave and looked around.  I was just outside of town in the Yard of the Last Guide (*2).  I made my way straight from there to here.  That's about all I can remember."

    *1 - The Broken Chestplate is a pub in the Market District that you've been out and about in Woodside, but you've never been inside.  It's a few blocks over from where you're currently staying.

    *2 - The Yard of the Last Guide is a cemetery outside of the town walls to the West.  Although most people come to Woodside from the East, it's common for visitors to want to avoid Rockbottom and thus walk around the town and enter from the West Gate. You've done this yourselves, and can recall seeing the Yard of the Last Guide.  If you'd like to know more about this, you can make a Religion check.  Make your roll in Roll20 so that there's a record of it, but include the result with your next post here  (this roll is optional, only needed if you'd like to know what your character might know about this place!).
  • Having no particular interest in the last rites for dead lumberjacks, Aurelia will decline to make a Religion check. (Also it would likely be terrible anyways)

    Well I can certainly understand Mr. Andru’s inclination to oppose gambling in his establishment, without some codified form of regulation and proper enforcement those sorts of pastimes can quickly get out of hand, a lesson it seems you have just learned Mr. Tinderfoot.

    I lean down and lay my hand upon Tinderfoot’s shoulder firmly but in a reassuring manner.
    Now then, as it happens I am inclined to call your brush with untimely death a proper chastisement for engaging in such shady business. It seems however, that there are a few other people in your tale who have committed several, flagrant violations of the law, namely these grave robbers and whomever it was that placed you in that coffin. Personally, I am appalled at the idea that a common citizen such as yourself could be assailed in such a manner while the miscreants who assaulted you go unpunished. If there is even an inkling of truth to your tale, it will be my pleasure to mete out justice to these rogues, but I require a little more information in order to find them. 

    Can you recall any distinguishing features of either your impromptu saviors, or the unfortunate fellows you beat at cards? Also do you remember anything peculiar about the ring?
  • Putting my turn in before I hit the hay. 

    My interest is piqued about this very wealthy merchant and his dealings here. And not so much concerned about what happened to this semi-shady character. I let my group continue their focus on him while I turn to Andru.

    so Andru. Why have you silenced your dear Friend before he could finish his tale...? The last few nights here I haven’t seen so much as a man who looked like he could afford his own horse. For such a man would be of great interest to myself and maybe my new friends...surely a man of that wealth has interests in the realm that we can help him with...for a good price....would you be as kind to introduce us to him? 

    I don’t want to split the conversations too much but I believe my companions and get the needed information from tinderfoot while I try to persuade Andru into more information on his wealthy Friend. 

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    Religion check: 15

    Listening in from my table I finally put down the book I was perusing and join the others.

    I ask Tinderfoot Sir, can you recall the names of the people you were gambling with? Have you quarrelled with any towns persons recently?

    Aside to my party I pose the question whether it would merit a visit to The Broken Chestplate. I wonder if someone he was playing with or the establishment is slipping a little more than ale to the customers. To what end has me baffled. Robbery would not seem to be the motive. It is strange to think there is any joy to be earned burying anyone alive although there many with odd destructive predilections and the dark of night is their playground.
  • I’ll wait for Tinderfoot to speak before I reply to Dracassan. 
  • (I don't want to get too far ahead without Flukes...I strongly suspect that he's away for the Canada Day long weekend and don't want him to come back to pages of reading and a series of decisions being make without his input.  I'll reply to what's currently on the board, then wait for Flukes to get back before continuing any further).
  • Andru to Justus:

    "Ha!  I've not silenced the lad, I'm trying to keep him on track!  When he starts with his stories, his mind wanders.  He's got a habit of his stories running away from him.  The kid's got a reputation for...getting a little creative when he speaks, embellishing and the like.  The odds of a wealthy merchant carrying bags of gold walking into a dive like the Broken Chestplate are near impossible.  Just like I don't believe that he was saved in the Northwood forest by an aasimar, or any of this nonsense about waking up in a coffin or any of the hundreds of other tales he's told me over the years.  I've known Tinderfoot from the time he was born, his father and I go way back. He's a kind soul and doesn't mean any harm, but the kid's a bullshitter.  Always has been."

    (I've made an insight check for you, you rolled a 12.  Andru speaks with a sincerity that you think is honest and have no reason to doubt what he's saying about Tinderfoot).
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    To CapeGabe  - when you roll in roll20, it automatically rolls twice to accommodate advantage/disadvantage rolls.  If you have advantage, you take the higher of the two rolls, if you have disadvantage you take the lower of the two rolls.  If it's a regular roll (neither advantage or disadvantage) you take the first number.  In this case, you rolled a 4/15 so your religion check is a 4, not a 15.  However, since Flukes isn't here I'll say that his passive action is to use the 'help' action, which allows the two of you to talk between yourselves and try to remember what you collectively know about the Yard of the Last Guide....which effectively gives you advantage to your roll, so the 15 stands :)

    To  Darcassan:

    You begin to wrack your brain about what you know or what you've heard about the Yard of the Last Guide.  Your first thought is that there are many places called the 'Yard of the Last Guide', it's not the name of a particular business, but rather a name used by all cemeteries that are run by worshipers of the god Mormekar, who you know to be the god of death, rebirth, the dead, the dying, those who destroy the undead, those seeking rebirth and the reborn.  As you mumble "Moremekar" to yourself, Ragnuk chimes in.

    "Ah, Mormekar, these priests are in my culture too.  They don't get involved in politics, never pick sides.  In wars they bury the dead from both sides, without judgement.  They don't care about who did what in life.  They treat the most murderous tyrant the same as they treat the most pure and innocent among us. Their only concern is performing the proper rites that allow the spirit of the departed to transition into the afterlife."

    When he says this it jogs your memory, and you know what Ragnuk is saying is true.  The church of Mormekar is 'true neutral', they make no judgements about the living.  You could murder someone right in front of them and they wouldn't be concerned with reporting your crime, their only focus would be on making sure that your victim received their proper burial rites.

  • "Well, quite the story, quite the story, quite the story, eh.  How's that drink sitting, eh?  I hear after head injuries sometimes they don't sit so well."

    Pats Tinderfoot on the back and gives him a concerned look.

    "Of course, the story does need some thinking about......"

    Gives a significant look at Justis and Darcassan while Tinderfoot is otherwise distracted.  
  • Still waiting on a further description of either the card players or the grave robbers before I respond so I pass. 
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    From Tinderfoot to Dracassan and Aurelia 

    "I don't remember much about the grave robbers.  My mind was...well, I was a bit panicked.  I wasn't even sure if it was actually happening or if I'd died and gone over to the other side.  I remember a bright light, but I couldn't tell you if it was the moon shinning down or a lantern in my face.  My eyes had grown accustomed to the pitch black of the coffin, then suddenly there was bright light above me...I didn't get a good look at either of the robbers.  I could tell by their voices that they were both men, and they were tall and built like humans, but could have been any sort of talk folk I took me a bit to get myself out of the hole that I was in, but after taking my things those two hopped out without much trouble at all.  It could have been from their height, but they also seemed pretty nimble."

    "I have a better memory of the chaps I was playing cards with.  I go to the Broken Chestplate a few times a week, the crowd there is usually the same bunch but being in the Market District new faces come and go.  I was playing cards with a few of the regulars, let's see....Davy was there, so was Talmoran, I remember taking a few copper from Ralton and his sister Calmyra played a few hands too.  Oh, and we were joined by a guy named Kasparian, he's young but poor guy lost all of his hair, he's as bald as an eagle.  Wait, are eagles actually bald? 'Cause I remember this one time I was sitting on a park bench minding my own business when this giant bird swooped down..."

    "By the gods Tinderfoot!" Andru shouts. "You've got these kind folk giving your stupid story the time of day, the least you could do is focus on one story at a time!"

    "Right, sorry...where was I? Oh yes, the bald fellow Kasparian.  He's a bit of a new face, but I've seen him there playing cards a few times.  He's a bit of a fish if you know what I mean...he's got a habit of losing, so he gets invited to a lot of the tables.  It's funny that you ask about the ring, because I sort of remember going on a bit of a hot steak and taking a few silver from Kasparian, I think he ended up betting his ring and maybe that's where I got it from.  I don't think that I had it long enough to know much about it.  It couldn't have been worth much, maybe a silver or so."

  • I wish Tinderfoot "Be well and a full recovery to you from your ordeal." and retreat back to our table and my book and will inform the party of the Yard of the Last Guide information when they all return. 
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    Hmm, we shall return to the topic of these thieving rapscallions later then. Dracassan has the right of it I believe, we should journey to this “Broken Chestplate” and speak with these.....”regulars”. Perhaps one of them will have a clearer recollection of the events that evening. I am particularly interested to learn more from this Kasparian about the ring he forfeited. 

    I finish my water and gather up my things, give the halfling one more pat on the shoulder and look him square in the eyes as I deliver my parting remarks. 

    Sir Tenderfoot, I thank you for your candor. Know that if these villains exist, they shall pay due recompense for their foul deeds swiftly. If, however, I find that you have knowing withheld key information from us, or worse that we have been sent on some wild goose chase as a result of yet another tall tale of yours, we shall have another conversation when I return, a much less pleasant conversation. 
    Now then, good day.

    I give a slight bow and return to my fellows. 
  • while waiting for Flukes so our team can decide next steps and Flukes can confirm. 

    Personally I believe this tiny man to not be telling us the full truth. however, if there are such miscreants about we should find them and relieve them of their ill-gotten gains. I believe we have a few choices to make. 

    1. we go to the bar he was playing cards. however, we come on separately and at different times. 1 or 2 of us play cards and attempt to see if there is any chicanery a foot. the others can watch for afar and witness any acts against them. if there is men of malicious intent we sneak upon them while they attempt to take our friend. 

    2. we go to the bar and ask to speak to these men that Tinderfoot as give us. Hear their story of the night and find out what the real truth is. 

    3. we go to the graveyard and investigate the place. Maybe we even lie in wait til see if these robbers return at night again. 

    what say you friends? how should we proceed?
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    I agree Justus, but the fact that he wasn't robbed (until in the grave) make me think the card players or the staff might be a dry well. Still have to rule them out but let's be on alert that something else might be afoot.
  • Doctor_NickDoctor_Nick Terminus
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    Whispers to the party members in easy earshot.

    Personally, I would be very curious to see if this fellow Kasparian is wearing his ring again....."

    Louder, to Tinderfoot.

    "What a way to be robbed, eh, Tinderfoot?  That's a variety that doesn't happen to most of us, eh?  You must be really special!  That must count for something."

    Raises his glass and drinks to that.
  • I finish my drink. Give Tinderfoot one last concerning look....

    pray your story is true or next time you’re in a grave you shall not wake up....

    lets head to the broken chest plate  and see if we we can find this Kasparian character...

    i head towards the door
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    Social Turn Order

    Aurelia (CHA 17), Stirling (CHA 16), Justus (CHA 13), Darcassan (CHA 10), Ragnuk (CHA 10)


    Tinderfoot seems a little confused by the mixed messages that he's getting from the party, but on the whole appears to be grateful that you're investigating on his behalf.

    "Umm, before you family is of meager means, but  my father is a proud man and if you looked into this matter for me I know that he'd like to reward you in some way.  He doesn't have gold, but he is a well connected man who is owed a lot of favours.  I'm sure that he'd be more than willing to pull some strings for you if you ever found yourselves in need of a favour within the city."

    By this point its close to 1am, but you know that most of the pubs in the Market District stay open until 2 or 3 in the morning as travelers often stay in this neighbourhood.  As I've said, you haven't been in the Broken Chestplate before, but just from walking around in the Market District you've seen it before and know that it's less than a 10 minute walk from where you are, a few block up and a few blocks over.

    You arrive there without incident, and as you approach you can see that it's still open but not particularly busy.  Stepping inside you see what looks like a lower-class pub.  It's 'fine' but its immediately obvious that the chairs, tables and other fixtures are cheaper in nature than the ones at the Hunter's Haven and less money has been put into decoration.  Where the bar at the Hunter's Haven is ornately carved by a skilled craftsperson, this one is more basic - built for function rather than form.   The pub itself is one large room, but separated into two distinct sections.  On your right are a series of booths and tables, clearly meant for eating and drinking but to your left you can see a few felt covered tables that you recognize as gambling tables.  There are only a few patrons in the bar..a group of dwarves sitting in a booth drinking, a half-elven woman with a human man sitting on stools at the bar itself and a group of 4 sitting at one of the card tables, a human man and woman, a male half-orc and a male dwarf.  As you're taking all of this in, your observations are interrupted by the voice of young red-headed human woman.

    "If you're here for last call, you'd best hurry.  Torvan is getting ready to close up for the night," she says pointing to a half-orc behind the bar. 

    "You heard the lady," Torvan calls out. "I'll be locking up in a bit, but you'll have time to get a round in while I clean up."  He shouts a a little louder to be heard by all "That goes for all of ya, last call!"
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