Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 1): Players Only Please



  • Darcassan

    I sit at the nearby empty table with my back to the wall and look around the room. I ask the group to grab me an ale.

    I tell Nym to alert me to anyone approaching especially people on the roof.
  • Justus

    walks up to the Dwarves. 

    Apologies good men but it appears you seem to frequent this establishment every night. I agree this is a great place to have a drink and to enjoy the night. Torvan is a great bartender and i think we can all agree there is no better place to have a drink then here. i must say that you most likely dont know him but during my travels i ran into a great dwarven lad who said i should come to the broken chestplate if i make my way into the city. He was extremely friendly and i wished i could have spent more time with him. unfortunately our paths only crossed for a short period. i wondered if he was speaking about you? He mentioned his friends were of solid kind and would fight for the righteous. i do hope he was speaking of you. If you do know of the companion i speak of have you seen anything out of the ordinary here? Is there malicious intention afoot and how can we stop this together?

    not sure what i can roll for in one turn but im rolling for persuation first to get them to believe my story 6/17. then investigation based on their answer 10/20. then lastly perception 16/2. 
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada

    I'll grab an ale for ya Darcassan! I'm getting more exercise lifting pints than smashing skulls these days!

    Ragnuk heads to the bar and asks Torvan for three ales. On receiving them he delivers one to Darcassan, drains the second, and places the third on an empty table near the middle of the tavern. 

    Sitting down, Ragnuk calls out to the whole room, making sure everyone hears.

    Let's have some sport to go with the games of chance. I'm arm wrestling all comers. The winner drinks this pint and the loser buys the next one!

  • Stirling
    Take swallow of his drink, puts it down and pulls out his lute and starts strumming. 

    "Perhaps a song to liven the mood?"
  • Update coming later tonight 
  • I’ve been struggling with how to write this update, wrote and re-wrote it several times.  The main issue is that I want to forward the story and pickup the pace, but also don’t really want to rob anyone of their social interactions.  So this post is going to be a little different, and if it’s not satisfying we can discuss it in the other thread…I’m still trying to figure out ways to balance the pacing when we’re only playing a at one move a day, the game tends to get bogged down in these social situations.  Sometimes they’re necessary, in this case they aren’t.

    With that in mind…

    @Alkaid13, you join the card table, chat with the other players, win as much as you lose but don’t learn anything about the Rats, Kasparian etc.

    @Capegabe, you spend the next couple of hours observing the room that you’re in, occasionally checking in with Nym and he doesn’t spot anything of note.

    @Hatorian you approach the group of dwarves but it’s very clear that they’re drunk beyond the point of being able to carry a conversation and spend the rest of the night working the room in a similar fashion, but the people here just seem like regular townsfolk who don’t really have anything to offer.  For future reference, in a situation like you described, you’d make a ‘Deception’ check to try to sell your story to the dwarves (and they’d make insight checks to see if they believed you or not), if they responded to you in a way that made you question what they were saying, you’d be able to make an insight check and I’d reply accordingly.

    @Flukes you have a great time, taking all comers in an arm-wrestling competitions, you both win and buy several rounds while establishing a bit of a reputation for yourself…both as a worthy opponent and as someone who can drink most under the table!

    @Stirling the crowd really takes to your performance (I rolled a ‘performance’ check in roll20, you rolled a 20!) and you win them over, not just the crowd but Torvan too.  While he hasn’t refused your group service, you’ve had a sense that he’s never been happy to see you and seems to have had a short fuse when it comes to you poking around his pub looking for trouble.  After your performance, you get the impression that he’s warmed to you guys a bit and might be more welcoming in the future.

    After several hours of having fun, but not learning anything Plastalyn finally speaks up. 

    “We’ve given it a few hours here, I don’t think that there’s anything to be gained here on this night.  Maybe we’ll have better luck in the morning with the apothecary, or perhaps we might try to learn something more about the Negrellis?  I think we should head back to the Hunter’s Haven and call it a night.”

  • Stirling

    "Aw, really Plasty?  I was just getting into me groove, look I got blisters on me fingers.....  Ok everyone, last call, I call this O'er The Hills and Far Away....."
  • You make your way back to the Hunter's Haven without incident (on your way back Nym searches the area, I rolled an 11 for a perception check, he doesn't spot anything unusual). After spending a while to unwind and take stock of the day that you've had, one by one you all make your way up to your rooms looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.

    @Doctor_Nick @Capegabe (I made perception checks for everyone, only these two rolled high enough!)

    In the middle of the night, you hear a loud 'thud'.  It's loud enough to wake you up, but the Market District tends to be a more lively neighbourhood so you're more annoyed about being woken up than concerned that it might be something that requires your attention.  A few moments after the first 'thud' you hear a second one.  Already being awake when you hear the second 'thud' you realize how loud it is and also feel a bit of reverberation making you realize that whatever is causing this noise, it's close to home.  As you begin to wonder what it might be, you hear a man yell out "Fire!  There's a fire!"

    Everyone else...

    In the middle of the night, you're suddenly woken by someone yelling that there's a fire!

    @Doctor_Nick @CapeGabe ; - you each get to make an action before anyone else does..Each of you take a turn, then we'll roll initiative to determine a turn order for whatever happens next.
  • Stirling 

    Stirling will quickly look around for any threats in the room and then carefully out in the hallway, peeking through a cracked door.  Is there any smoke?
  • @CretanBull

    What are our sleeping arrangements? Individual rooms or barracks style? What floor are we on?
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    CapeGabe said:

    What are our sleeping arrangements? Individual rooms or barracks style? What floor are we on?
    I started a post to describe it, and realized that it might be better to make a map in roll20 as it could come into play (whether it be now or later).  I'm working from home today so I'll get that done ASAP - will update shortly!
  • I'm having a weird problem with my map-making program that I can't figure out at the moment.  I've done a very rough rendering in MS paint just to give you an idea of the layout.

  • A small correction...the side door is actually on the East (right) side not the West (left) side.
  • @CapeGabe ; @Doctor_Nick

    You get out of bed and open your room doors that lead out into the hallway, you see each other but no one else seems to be around.  You can't see any smoke or fire, but you can hear that the shouts of fire are coming from the ground floor of the inn.  You can also see the dim flickering of light - that is probably flames - coming from the front of the inn.  The flame-light is dim, it can't be very big (maybe like a small camp-fire size).
  • @CretanBull
    What room(s) are we in? Is there a window?
    Here is my turn subject to change if it isn't possible.


    I yell at the top of my lungs "AMBUSH, AMBUSH, AMBUSH, WAKE UP! AMBUSH!, Stay inside unless actual signs of fire!"

    I send Nym out the window, put my back against the door, go into a trance and look through Nym's eyes.
  • @CapeGabe

    I think that my original post might have been unintentionally misleading.  You're absolutely certain that there is fire - there's no doubt in your mind at all.  You can see the flickering of flames, you can smell burning, you can hear people shouting "fire!".  When I wrote "you can't see any smoke or fire" that was meant in response to @Doctor_Nick saying that he was going to peak out his door and looking for smoke...I only meant to say that the hallway that's outside of your door isn't on fire, that you're in no immediate danger of burning etc.  but there absolute is a very real fire coming from somewhere below you (not directly below you, but looking at the exposed wall of the stairwell, you can see shadows of flickering flames projecting themselves on to the wall).

    You guys are staying the rooms along the back, it really doesn't matter and won't make a difference which...pick one, that's yours!  There are solid pane windows along the back wall of the rooms, when you first get up you instinctively take a look out the window and don't see anything at all unexpected.

  • Doctor_NickDoctor_Nick Terminus
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    "I smell a rat - many rats.  Up and at them!"
  • I've put a map of the interior of the Hunter's Haven on roll20 and placed you guys in random rooms. Re-arrange yourselves if you want but it, but it really won't make any difference to what's happening at all.

  • I’m not sure when my Turn is so just let me know wjen it is and I’ll respond
  • Hatorian said:
    I’m not sure when my Turn is so just let me know wjen it is and I’ll respond
    Stirling and Darcassan woke up from the noise so they'll each get a turn to react before everyone else gets woken up by the commotion.  @CapeGabe took his turn, but I think it was based on a misunderstanding of the situation so I want to give him a chance to change his mind (if he chooses to).
  • Darcassan

    Yes, I guess I really did misunderstand.


    I break the window if it don't open and send Nym out then make my way through the door to the closest stairway.
  • @Capegabe the window in your room is a solid pane of glass, but you're able to smash it and send Nym off into the night air.  You maintain constant contact with him via your link with him, but by the time you leave the room and head into the hallway, your link to Nym is suddenly severed.   

    @Hatorian @Alkaid @Flukes

    You're woken up by the sounds of Stirling and Darcassan shouting "fire!" and warning you to prepare yourselves for a possible ambush.  You can hear other shouts of "fire!" further off in the distance as well.

    I've rolled initiative for everyone, the turn order will be:

    Plastalyn, Stirling, Justus, Ragnuk, Aurela and Darcassan 

    Plastalyn is the first to act, he takes a moment to gather his thoughts and then quickly jumps into action.  You see the door to his room fly open, he looks around and makes eye contact with @CabeGabe and @Doctor_Nick and then sprints down the stairs to the floor below.

    @Doctor_Nick ; you're up! 

  • Stirling
    Will gather his possessions and arm himself, and head out into the hall looking for ambushers and to rouse his compatriots to arms.
  • For reference, how high off the ground are we currently?
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    Alkaid13 said:
    For reference, how high off the ground are we currently?
    You're on the second floor of a two-story building, so the floor that you're on is roughly 10 feet above street level.  if you were thinking about going out a window (just guessing that this might be why you're asking?) it would be an additional 4 feet or so.  On a related note, falling damage is 1d6 per 10 feet and you land prone (meaning that it will take 1/2 of your movement to stand up on your following turn).  If the fall is 20 feet or less, and you're wearing no or light armour, you can make an acrobatics check to take 1/2 damage and avoid the prone condition.
  • @hatorian you're up!
  • Justus

    Heading directly behind plastyn and given quarters I’m pulling out my sword. Will await I see with him. 
  • Hatorian said:

    Heading directly behind plastyn and given quarters I’m pulling out my sword. Will await I see with him. 
    You can move your own token on the roll20 map.  You can move 6 squares or 12 if you want to take the 'dash' action (which is what Plastalyn did, so if you want to keep pace with him, that's what you'd have to do)
  • I’ve moved
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada

    Assuming there's a window in my room I want to use my action to open it and look around outside before moving.
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