Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 1): Players Only Please



  • Aurelia 

    I will dash to catch up opposite Plastalyn, I’m not entirely sure of how the spatial calculus works out but basically I’d like to be somewhere on the ground floor next to an outside facing window if one exists but not directly in front of said window if possible. As I run I shout:

    The fire is most certainly a means to draw us out, stay away from the windows and find something to douse the fire. We want them to come to us, if we leave we’re more vulnerable!
  • @CapeGabe ; You're up!

    I'll update everything once you've taken your turn
  • Darcassan

    I dash down the stairs.And put back to the corner while I appraise the situation
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    @Flukes ;

    The window can’t be opened, it’s a single pane but you’ve already heard one window break and you can tell just by looking at it that it would be easy to smash.  You wrap your fist in a sheet from your bed and punch through the window and clear any jagged shards from the opening.  Looking out, a few things catch your eye (I rolled a perception check in roll20, you rolled 17).   The first thing that you notice is that there seems to be an unusual amount of black smoke in the air.  You’ve seen wood burn plenty of times and you don’t associate black smoke with burning wood, and this amount of smoke seems very unusual.  The next thing that catches your attention is a giant stone slab.  Someone has blocked the back door to the inn by leaning a giant stone slab up against it.  Lastly, you see Darcassan’s familiar (owl) Nym laying on the ground with an arrow sticking into it.  Just as you focus your attention on Nym, three arrows are fired and find their purchase in the frame of the window in a perfect line.  It seems very obvious that they were meant as a warning and weren’t misses.  You can see that these arrows have the now familiar rat-head on them.  You’re unable to see where the arrows came from (I rolled a perception check in roll20, you rolled a 4).



    As you descend the stairs to the ground floor, you quickly realize that there’s a heavy cloud of black smoke in the air.  It seems to sit and hang in the air here rather than rise up like you’d expect smoke to do.  Through the smoke you can see the flicker of flames near the front door of the inn.  You end up near the side door, and see the owner of the Hunter’s Haven – Andru – pounding on the side door.  He seems to be in a bit of a panic, and when he sees you he begins shouting.

    “It’s blocked!  I can’t get it to budge at all!  We’re going to burn alive in here!  The smoke…” he tails off as he’s overcome by a fit of coughing.


    @Alkaid13 @CapeGabe

    You dash down to the ground floor and as you arrive you’re struck not only by how thick the smoke is, but also by how black it is.  (You’re both presently located near a window, there’s one right at the bottom of the stairs).  You strain to look through the window, but the thick cloud of smoke obscures almost everything.  You see glimpses of what must be people running around, and occasionally make out a “splash” and “hiss” sound that makes it seem like someone is throwing water on the fire.  You can also see a bucket and spilled water on the inside of the inn, as if someone has already tried to douse the flames from inside.  Despite the various efforts, the flames persist and seem to be making their way up the outside walls of the inn.


    Earlier I sent a message to @Hatorian that I actually meant for you…you were able to take an extra bit of movement, but didn’t.  I’ve assumed from your earlier statement (and from seeing the rest of your friends take off downstairs) that you would have done the same.  I’ve placed you on the lower level with the rest of the party (sans Ragnuk!).  You see the same as @Alkaid13 and @CapeGabe see above, I just wanted to direct this at you so you understand why I’ve moved you.

    To everyone (minus Flukes!)

    As you’re gathered on the ground floor, you hear an unnaturally loud voice come booming from outside.

    “Come out cowards!  You’ve been looking for me and now I’ve found you!  Burning alive is a terrible way to go, and would rob me of the satisfaction of killing you myself!  Come face the great Kasparian!  Let your deaths be public!” 

  • It's the top of the order and Plastalyn looks around at each of you.  "What are we gonna do?"

    @Doctor_Nick It's your turn

  • Is there a chimney in this tavern?
  • Alkaid13 said:
    Is there a chimney in this tavern?
    I didn't put a fireplace on the ground floor when I was making the map, but I suppose that there should be so - sure, I'd say that there's a chimney.
  • @CretanBull ;
    What's the window situation on the back and side walls?
  • @CretanBull ;
    What's the window situation on the back and side walls?
    I've updated the map for accuracy.  There are no windows along the left-hand side of the building as the building next door is almost right up against the Hunter's Haven.  You know of two windows in the front of the building that can be seen on the map.  Along the right-hand side of the building, there's a side door and there's back door as well.  You've never been in the kitchen or storage area so you don't know if there are windows in either of those areas.
  • Stirling
    Stirling will look to the back wall for windows.

    Feel free to move him more if the boxes are 5 feet... I moved him 5 boxes.  
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    Stirling will look to the back wall for windows.

    Feel free to move him more if the boxes are 5 feet... I moved him 5 boxes.  
    By this, do you mean that you want to enter the kitchen?

    Edit: I just realized that the door to the kitchen wasn't on the player's layer of the map so you couldn't see it.  I've made it visible and moved you from the storage room to the kitchen (because - now knowing where the door is, you couldn't reach the storeroom from where you were)
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  • I’ve moved to what I think is the front door and pull my bow and arrow out ready to open the door for what’s standing outside
  • @Flukes - you're up!
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada

    Yelled to the party downstairs: When I broke my window, they made sure I stayed inside! This smoke is unnatural - it can't be coming just from the fire! 

    I run into the next room, throwing open the door and crouching below the window. I knock the glass out with my javelin and see if I draw any more arrow fire.

  • @Alkaid13 you're up (let me reply to your post in the other thread before posting, it might save some time)
  • Can I see him through the window?
  • Alkaid13 said:
    Can I see him through the window?
    I rolled a perception check for you in roll20, you rolled a 16

    There's tons of thick black smoke outside, and at this point it's pouring into the inn itself making it really hard to see and increasingly hard to breathe.  However, there's a brief moment when the wind causes a break in the smoke and you get a glimpse of what's happening on the street.

    At first you notice that there are a few barrels outside of the door, some have been broken (shattered) and have spilled oil around the ground outside of the front door, some of the oil has splashed on to the walls of the inn and flames are starting to climb up to the second floor.

    You also see a man running with a bucket of water, you know that there's a well close by and he seems to be throwing well-water onto the fire in an attempt to put it out.  

    You can also make out a man across the street.  He's standing beside a horse-drawn wagon that has a few barrels on it.  He's got another barrel, turned on its side (so that it can roll) at his feet.  He appears to be preparing to kick it and roll the barrel towards the inn.  This man doesn't look anything like what you've been told Kasparian looks like.

  • Aurelia

    Big talk for someone who relies on others to get the job done for him. Luckily I have already take the precaution of hiding your precious ring, kill us and you’ll never find it!

    Softly to those in the inn:
    There is a man outside standing on top of some highly flammable material. He looks cold. 

    Having said my piece I will throw a chair through the nearest side window to see what kind of attention it draws. 
  • @Capegabe you're up...but before you go...

    Andru (the owner of the Hunter's Haven) has been near the side door trying to open it.  He's been in a panic trying to open it, but he's given up on that and takes the dash action and runs to and out the front door.  When he charges through the front door, it's burned enough away from the frame and the door just falls to the ground.

    You can hear an unfamiliar voice yelling from outside "Ya daft bastard!  Ya coulda burned yourself alive!"
  • Darcassan

    I dash to the back door. SInce I used action to dash I'll have to wait to try door.
  • CapeGabe said:

    I dash to the back door. SInce I used action to dash I'll have to wait to try door.
    In addition to your action, you get a free're able to try the door.  You quickly discover that the door isn't locked, but it's blocked by something very solid.

  • Darcassan

    I yell "Maybe a few of us a bit stronger than me can force open this door from whatever is blocking it"
  • Reactions to your actions before the turn ends:

    @Flukes When you smash the window in the second room, the same thing happens.  3 arrows hit the frame within seconds.  I made a perception check for you in roll20, you rolled a 19.  Through all of the smoke, you notice two things - first, that the arrows came from across the street and above, likely from a neighbouring roof.  The arrowheads themselves also catch your eye, you're certain that unlike the arrows that you saw yesterday these ones don't have poison on them.

    @Doctor_Nick You barge into the kitchen looking for a window, but don't find one.  Above the stove area there's a small vent/chimney but it's much too small to crawl through.

    @Alkaid13 You don't get a response from your words.  You pick up a chair and throw it through the window, shattering it.  There's no other reaction.

    @Hatorian You've positioned yourself by the door, ready to attack whatever might come through.  As you're preparing yourself, the Andru (the owner of the Hunter's Haven) runs past you and out the door in a panic.  The door was badly burned and as Andru runs through it, the door falls off its hinges and lands in a burning fire right outside the door.  He's met by another man who is carrying a bucket of water.  Seeing Andru come outside he says "Ya daft bastard!  Ya coulda burned yourself alive!"

    @CapeGabe (I replied to your action above!)

    It's back to the top of the turn order and Plastalyn's turn.

    Before he acts, an unnaturally loud voice booms out again.

    "You pathetic cowards, hiding in a burning building rather than face the man that you were so desperate to find!  I was hoping to kill you myself, but now I realize that stepping on cockroaches isn't an accomplishment that I need on my resume."

    @hatorian I rolled a perception check for you, you rolled a 15.  After Kasparian says that, from your position by the front door you faintly hear him say "Kill the woman, kill all of the witnesses and kill our foolish scout who told me I should concern myself with these pathetic excuses for heroes.  Watch the building burn and piss on their ashes."  And through the black smoke you can barely make out a man dressed in purple robes turn and walk away (headed North through an alleyway, away from the Hunter's Haven).

    Plastalyn apparently heard the same thing that you heard.  He looks at @Hatorian but speaks loudly enough for @Alkaid13 to hear, "Kill the woman?  Kill the witnesses?  I can't let that happen!  It might be the death of me, but so will standing here in a burning building."  With that he runs out the front door.

    @Doctor_Nick you're up!

  • Stirling 

    Since the front door appears to be a viable option, Stirling will head back towards the front with Justus and the others. 

  • @Hatorian you're up

  • justus

    I head out of the building bow and arrow drawn looking for any enemies. i put myself near the guy with the bucket of war and try to provide him cover. i rolled a 19/14 perception as i scan the area. 
  • @Flukes you're up!

  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
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    Uses a dash action to head downstairs with the others and go toward the front door.

    No use pushing on that back door boys! There's a huge - and I mean huge stone against it! I had a good CLOSE look at their arrows and.. I'm certain they're not poisoned this time!
  • @Alkaid13 you're up
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