Happy 4th Everybody! (queue Team America music)

Hey everyone.
I hope everyone has a safe and fun and all around glorious 4th of July. Even if you're not American and it's not a holiday for you, I just hope you have a wonderful Thursday.
I really appreciate this community and I'm grateful to have found it (and to J,A,&C, of course, for being our ever so gracious hosts). It's a real pleasure to interact with you fine folks, and thank all you for being you.
cdrivemajjam0770MichelleNoel[Deleted User]


  • Happy 4th to You Travis!!
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Happy America Day, Americans! Do you get the Friday off and have a long weekend or do you all have to stagger into work with hangovers tomorrow? 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    edited July 2019
    Off tomorrow (Thursday the 4th) but working Friday.  I'm housesitting in the hills again through Sunday, so it's going to be a super relaxing and quiet weekend.  Happy 4th, y'all! :star:  Have a great Thursday, everyone else!

    This is last year's fireworks in DC over the National Mall.  I was there, sitting on the steps to the Lincoln Memorial. :heart:

  • Happy Birthday America!!!

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