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Is shockingly getting rave reviews from critics. 89% on RT.

Its definitely a rental for me, but it doesn't look or sound like Sharknado type of movie like Jim and A.Ron joked about. Just from watching the trailer a while back, it looks like a big budget summer movie, and the concept isn't laughable or unrealistic like sharks flying around in a funnel cloud with crappy SFX. It looks like a hurricane has just flooded the area stranding people, and so now there are huge gators terrorizing people from the comfort of flooded homes and streets in neighborhoods.


  • I’m definitely looking forward to it 
  • It's 58 on metacritic, demonstrating one of the issues with RT, as it looks like just a TON of reviewers gave it a 5 or 6/10. 
  • redlancerredlancer Seattle
    edited July 2019
    it looked like they 1) revealed 90% of the movies action scenes from the trailers and 2) looked like a paper thin plot based on said trailers: Hurricane comes, floods area, gators eat people, the end. I usually like a silly monster movie but just not feeling this one or having desire to see. Was definitely expecting low scores (~10-25%) on RT. Even aggregated scores of 6-7 / 10 surprises me. Seems like the kind of movie a typical critic gives an automatic 1 or 2 sight unseen, so must be at least a bit of substance to the movie if it's not getting destroyed in the reviews.
  • I'm planning on seeing it in the near future but I need to go and see Midsommar first and then Lion King this Thursday but I'll report back my non-spoiler thoughts after I see it. 
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