Last Chance U

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Would love if the guys would check this out and do a pod on it. Season 4 dropped today and it is always compelling stuf . Much like Friday Night Lights wasn't great because of the football but because of the characters and story - the same is true of Last Chance U, except it is a real life docudrama . A really great show every season that I think you guys would enjoy talking about . It would get you discussing life circumstances and events, ect and it would be a great podcast. You guys should really check it out. Can just start at season 4 if you wanted. 


  • Is anyone else watching this season? 

    Part of me sort of misses the (more or less) original premise... a junior college football program in the middle of nowhere that attracts a lot of former D1 athletes.

    At the same time, I'm also enjoying learning about the new setting / set of issues students are dealing with in a junior college in Oakland, CA.
  • What channel is this on?
  • It’s on Netflix. 5 seasons so far.

    Apparently, they’re transitioning to basketball teams for next season... whenever that happens.
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    just saw a story about this on the local news. i had no idea that it was Laney college. that's pretty rad. i have a few good friends that went there. i may have to check it out.
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