Tales From My RPG Campaign

In our play by post D&D campaign on this forum there has been some great stories told of other campaigns we've played. I thought it would be fun to have a thread where anyone could post funny, interesting or exciting stories of playing an RPG like Dungeons & Dragons but don't want to limit it to just that.

Please add your favorite moments, good and bad, playing any tabletop RPG.

I will start with a quick one that happened last night. A game I recently joined with my two cousins and their friends usually play whenever their weekend schedules line up. This weekend two were unavailable so my cousin, a monk, and me, a War Cleric, decided to still play. We were getting ready to storm a castle when we last played and did not want to do a suicide run with the others absent. So I said why don't we just do some scouting in the woods around the castle.

We are wondering through a thick wooded area when in a small field in a clearing the leaves of the forest seem to shrivel, the branches weave together and it starts getting very dark. We  are set upon by a large group of Ogres, Bugbears, some glowing armor with what looks like fire radiating out of it.

The Monk rolls a 20 for initiative and I roll crap as usual. When the monk hits the creature doesn't sustain damage and his arm just fades away. He ends up stacking his attacks and dispactches the bugbear eventually. That gives me an idea but I have to take a beating until my turn. Thankfully my 18 AC barely spares me a few hits.

When it finally my turn I cast dispel magic on one of the bugbears and it disappears. Confirming my theory I tell the monk there has to be a wizard nearby and we will die fighting these in a mob, disengage and find him. I use my War Cleric ability to melee strike and use my Warhammer. I roll a 1 and drop my Warhammer.

The monk hits the one of the ogre and it bloodies as usual so I won't bother trying Dispel Magic on them. The monk takes a good hit on disengagement and starts running around the open field we are in. I take more shots but not too bad. I cast  Prayer of Healing on the monk as he is barely still in my range. I pick up my hammer and soak up more damage. On my next turn I cast a spell that will buff my damage for the next minute. Then I roll another 1 and drop my Warhammer again. I pick it up again as the monk sees a figure at the edge of the field. He sprints towards it.

I am not rolling again. I cast Sacred Flame on an ogre and he fails his save taking massive damage. I do eventually take down an ogre and it melts away, the blob heading towards the figure at the edge of the forest.

The monk reaches the wizard and in a flurry of attacks rolls a 20 on the last hit killing the wizard. Everything else fades away and the forest returns to normal. Next week the rest of the group better show up.

BTW, I kinda stole the name for this thread from one of my favorite YouTube series Tales From My D&D Campaign by Demonac. It is an illustrated telling of his actual weekly D&D game where he is the DM. It features YouTube & Twitch providers Quill18 and Briarstone and their friends characters.

He only released about 4 - 6 a year but recently quit his job to do full time so there should be one a month now. I don't remember if it starts slowly or not but I do remember watching all 40-something in a few days because it was so entertaining. His self created campaign has such great depth it is a joy to watch.


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