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Did anyone else read the script for the finale that just got released yesterday? Apparently Drogon didn't actually understand the symbolism of burning the throne, he just decided that for some reason he didn't want to kill Jon (even though he understood that Jon killed her?) so he turned his head and happened to melt the throne in the process. While it was really stupid when I thought they were trying to tell me a dragon understood that the throne killed Dany, this also doesn't make sense because why does Drogon like Jon so much? The script says Drogon let Jon into the Red Keep in the previous scene because he considers him "a friend". It seems like this whole thing has nothing to do with Jon being a Targaryen, which is what a lot of people have been saying, but it's just because him and Drogon are bros for some reason lol


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    I took it that Drogon considers Jon a friend because he is Targaryen. Jon was also been nice to him prior, and Drogon knew his master really like him too.  Seems like the Double D's were going for that dragons are as smart as a Border Collie lets say. Not as smart as humans as some possibly thought, but still generally pretty intelligent. 
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    i do want to give myself internet points for saying Drogon wasn't purposely aiming for the throne. i did say he was just blowing shit up and the throne got in his way... :)
  • It specifically says Dragon wasn't aiming for the Iron Throne, but it happened by accident!! Which makes a little more sense, and I think the way it came across on film was the fault of the director.

    That said, reading the script, the flaws and stupidity of some of the writing become more apparent. Arya's "know a killer" line is even worse on the page. I still wonder if they were rushing, changed some of it on the fly (and we're seeing the updated version), or they truly just didn't care. Either way, it is just laughable that they might get an Emmy for writing. 
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    I was surprised "Drogon had mixed feelings ever since he watched Jon getting busy with his mom" wasn't in the script. Or Drogon forgot about it...

    They really should get the Emmy just to cement what a joke the Emmy's are.
  • For the whole Drogon letting Jon into the throne room, you could argue that since Drogon saw Jon riding Rhaegal that he was cool with Jon at that point as well.
  • Targaryen genetics counts for something with Drogon.  Or Jon has a high midichlorian count.
  • Wow. I just read it and it is worse than I thought. A pair of high school fanboys could have written a better script. The entertainment industry really does live in their own world. 
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    One day there is going to be a tell-all book about how these two hacks with zero talent and zero experience ‘Whited’ their way to the top, and I can’t wait for it.
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    One day there is going to be a tell-all book about how these two hacks with zero talent and zero experience ‘Whited’ their way to the top, and I can’t wait for it.
    I mean, it seems clear now that they are shit at writing their own material, but I don't think it's remotely fair to say they had 0 talent - there's a reason GoT got as big as it did. They were excellent at adapting GRRM's work. 

    Edit - Also, I think I'm done caring about GoT unless a miracle happens and the books are finished, but everyone laughing about the Iron Throne being described as a "dumb bystander" seems to have forgotten that dumb also means mute, and that's almost certainly the way it's being used in the script. It's literally a silent object. Plus I don't really get the obsession with the script - it's not like it's meant for public consumption, all that matters is what we see on the screen. If something has a great script, but the show is bad, guess what, it doesn't matter, and conversely, if the script sucks but the show is great, who cares? Season 8 had enough problems on its face for us to mostly realize it wasn't very good, it's not like we need to go digging for flaws. 
  • I thought that it was established earlier with Eurons fleet that Drogon is shortsighted in a really bad way which explains a lot.

  • The most shocking thing I’ve learned from this is that HBO had the inexplicable audacity to nominate THIS episode for a writing emmy. Not the second episode that everybody actually liked. This one. 
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