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So I've got another cruise that friends and I just lined up for January of 2020.  I'm super excited but I was on one for 7 days this past January and after I got back from the cruise my equilibrium was off for about a month or so.  It almost felt like I was still on a cruise ship with the slight rocking back and forth that you sometimes feel on a ship.  It was nothing extreme but enough that it was quite annoying and mentally draining dealing with it every day.  I was never sea sick throughout the entire trip and it really was only prevalent once I got back on land. 

Has anybody else experienced something like this and if so what do you recommend to try and remedy this.  I'll be going to a doctor sometime between now and then to talk with them and probably getting the patches that people wear but I'm skeptical about that because from my understanding that's more to deal with the sea sickness side of things but I'm willing to try anything.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    nice! (not the equilibrium part, but going on a cruise part) where are you headed? i just went on a 9 day cruise last month to Alaska and fortunately i didn't have any of your symptoms. i dunno, maybe it was the calm silky waters of that area that helped, but i did hear people mentioning on the day we were leaving that they needed to transition to their 'land legs' from their 'sea legs'. sorry i couldn't be more help but be safe and have fun!
  • Thanks @Chinaski, we're doing another Caribbean cruise through Carnival, this will actually be our 4th cruise that we've taken (January in 2017, 2018, and 2019).  It's the same group of 7 of us close friends that have gone.  I've had similar symptoms on the past cruises but finally decided I want to try and do preventative care to try and not have the equilibrium issues after I get back from the trip.  All of them have been through Carnival and visiting different Caribbean Islands. 

    We leave out of New Orleans and our stops are Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We're all at the point we really don't care where the stops are because we typically either just hit up some kind of snorkel with all you can drink type of excursion or we just find a beach we like and go hang out there for the time we're on land.  We've gone the past few January's in part because it's the only time one of my friends can get off work for that long and we all enjoy getting out of the brutal Minnesota winter for a week.
  • It sounds like I had a similar reaction post-cruise that you had.  I've only gone on 1 cruise and when I got home, I noticed that if I stood or sat very still that all of a sudden it felt like the ground under me was swaying a bit.  However, walking or even driving, I was totally fine.  I think after a week or 2, I was back to normal.  I wasn't seasick at all during the cruise and other than my equilibrium being slightly off when I got back (as stated), I felt fine as well.  I didn't mention this to my doctor as I felt it was just a random thing.

    As for going to Grand Cayman, my wife and I went there as part of the cruise we went on and loved our time there.  We walked around a bit, went parasailing which we had never done and really enjoyed and then hung out on the beach for the rest of time before we had to get back to the boat.  It was extremely hot the day we were there and the water was the clearest I've ever seen and was really warm as well.  We also had gone to Cozumel but just did an excursion to a beach that provided food and drink I think.  For what it was, it was ok but nothing to really brag about in my opinion.

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