Silly/Fun Thing from the Binge Mode Facebook Group - Draft Your Office

TravisTravis CA
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So someone put up this fun little exercise in the Binge Mode group on Facebook. Here's the scenario:

You get to pick 1 boss and 6 coworkers for fill out a work place using characters from the following shows. The ultimate objective (fun, productivity, fascinating little fish bowl, etc.) is yours to decide. The shows are: Parks and Rec, The Office, 30 Rock, Veep, and Brooklyn 99.

Any takers?


  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Boss is for sure Liz Lemon.
    Terry Jeffords - Good worker
    Ron Swanson - Good worker
    Richard Splett - Entertaining idiot
    Amy Santiago - Good worker
    Donna Meagle - Good worker
    Andy Dwyer - Entertaining idiot
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I’d pick Leslie Knope for boss, but I’m not enthused about any of the others as work colleagues as they never seem to do any work. I guess I would go with Jim and Gabe from The Office, Ben from Parks and Rec, Amy and Terry from B99, and Toofer from 30 Rock. 
  • Just for the interactions I’d go

    michael Scott and Leslie Knope they get to fight it out for boss
    Ron Swanson and Dwight Schrute 
    creed and Andy Dwyer 
    ben Wyatt who could help make sure she gets done
  • Maybe Ben is the boss
  • TravisTravis CA
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    I ended up going with this for sort of a good vibe/still get some stuff done balance:
    Ron Swanson as boss. He has no fucks to give which is nice. Plus he may bring in amazing BBQ occasionally, and perhaps kick me a $20 if he got some the night before.

    Leslie - great work proximity associate to have on a personal level. Someone who will do the lion's share of the work but not be too bitter about it so long as she gets at least some help.
    Terry - Good personality to have. Wise and a good motivator. Plus you'll get the occasional hilarious meltdown.
    Andy (Dwyer, not Bernard. FUCK Andy Bernard) - Andy brings the "I typed your symptoms into this thing up here and it says you might have 'network connectivity problems'" to the office. He is a puppy in a human man's body and what office doesn't benefit from that (so long as it has a Leslie to balance the work)?
    Jim and Pam - Fun people. Work well together, and each is an above average worker, but they also have good balance. I would dig a brief stop at the water cooler with either of them. 
    Rosa - An office "bad ass with a heart of gold" seems like a good quality to have. She would get along AMAZINGLY with Ron. I would also be incredibly curious to see what her and Andy interacting would look like.

    For the sheer fishbowl of it all...
    Michael Scott as the boss, but he's retiring in about a year, leaving his job up for grabs. That brings you to...
    Leslie, Amy, and Dwight in conflict to compete for the job.
    Then you add:
    Tracy Jordan
    Jonah Ryan
    Craig Middlebrooks
  • TravisTravis CA
    edited August 2019
    Sorry, but I guess I'm putting off starting work today. One more and I'll actually start working. Peak productivity scenario:

    Leslie as the boss. (for obvious reasons)
    Kenneth the Page - I think giving Leslie Kenneth might be the best gift that she ever received. She may grow to love him more than her kids and Ben.
    Amy Santiago - where I would be very concerned about working in an office with Amy and Leslie competing for anything, in this dynamic I think Leslie would make an amazing mentor for Amy.
    Jim Halpert - You might need a little levity and balance in this place, but Jim gets done what needs getting done. He also might bring the stress level down a bit.
    Liz Lemon - Bright and forward thinking. Problem solver. Imagine what she would be capable of if she hadn't been surrounded by a bunch of lunatics.
    Dwight Shrute - An ambitious do-er. He would be constantly competing with Amy which would motivate both of them. Good "foil" for the office as a whole without sacrificing much productivity.
    Gary Walsh - With all of this ambition I think we need two Kenneth types. He anticipates and is always prepared and eager to please. Plus, it would be nice to see Gary getting to devote himself to someone much, much kinder than Selena.
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