Cross-Save, Armor 2.0, New Light, and Shadowkeep

Moons haunted, y'all.

If anyone has been out of the loop for a while, cross-save is a thing now, meaning you can schlepp your characters to whatever platform you own destiny 2 on. 

Also, New Light, which is the free to play version of destiny 2 will be out on October 1st, along with Shadowkeep. With new light, you will be able to try out all platforms with your cross save enabled characters for free, with things like crucible, gambit, and strikes, as well as all destinations at no cost. 

All items in your vault will also have their light level raised to 750 on October 1st, allowing players who have fallen off to immediately jump in with their friends. 

And with Shadowkeep, we’re finally going back to the moon. It’s vastly expanded from D1, and you’ll notice an evolution to familiar locations. 

The armor system is getting a revamp, and armor mods will be collectible and not consumable, as well as all eververse armor acting as universal ornaments, giving you a lot of customization options. Also, the armor itself levels, so you can really fine tune and craft the armor you really want. 

Im having loads of fun with D2.  The grinds feel challenging, yet they seem to respect my time as a human. With work I can still get and do everything with an 11 month old baby in the house. If you dropped off, I think it’s worth picking back up, especially on October 1st. 

I sound like a Bungie sales rep, but Damn am I having fun. 
ken hale


  • JeramiahJeramiah Richmond Indiana
    I may be a little (like 2 months!) late in replying to this post, but I am enjoying the new season as well. Made it about 65% through the Garden of Salvation raid last night, and man, most beautiful and compelling raid to date! Very well thought out raid and it has to be up there as one of the best raids in Destiny. 

    I'm not currently taking advantage of CrossSave. I downloaded everything on my PC, but I think my computer is a bit outdated and would need to be wiped clean to efficiently run Destiny. That seems like too much work when I have a healthy PS4 Pro that runs the game just fine. 

    Just my 2 cents! I would love to see A-Ron get back on the Destiny train.

    -Jeramiah (SgtGReYFoX77)
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Man, this game has its hooks in me once again. I relapse on it every time a new expansion is released. But good god, what happened to the servers on this thing? The load time is unbelievably awful. 
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