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Does anyone know how to get older podcasts from the Overcast app? When I search Bald Move Premium, it only goes back so far. Maybe 100 episodes or so? If your answer is “Just use Apple Podcasts, brah,” save it. I’m Overcast or bust.

Meh, on second thought, maybe I would welcome some arguments for other podcast apps. If it gets me my Bald Move archival fix.



  • HunkuleseHunkulese Québec, Canada
    When I left Apple for Android a couple years ago, I had to move on from Overcast. I was devastated because, you know, change and stuff. I went with Pocket Casts and it's pretty much the perfect podcast app. I can't really think of anything they could do to improve it. Looks like all the past Bald Move content is there. 206 Bald Move TV episodes to download and 273 for Bald Movies. 
  • When you search bald move premium...

    Did you add the feed using the subscription tool?  If so, were you logged in at the time?

    If you are just searching for Bald Move Premium, there's no telling what you've found.  If you are using the subscription tool AND are logged in, the feed url should be something like this:  http://username:password@baldmove.com/feed/[feedurl]

    I checked the Bald Move TV feed (rss file), using my username and password and it has 206 items listed.

    To add a feed in overcast, the instructions will appear below the feed on the subscription tool.  I'll reproduce them here too:

    1. Tap the "Copy URL" button (from subscription tool).
    2. Go to Overcast App.
    3. Tap + sign in top-right corner.
    4. Tap "Add URL" in top-right corner.
    5. Paste copied URL into "Podcast or site URL" field and tap "Done" button.
    6. Tap "Done" button.

    If you've already done all of this, you might need to contact the creator of overcast.  I know he does some strange magic with feeds where he has them pulled to a server and pushes new episodes to the app, rather than have your app check the feeds manually.  

    When I was on iphone, I used Overcast exclusively and I loved it.  I paid the $10/year subscription fee just to support the app.  IMO, Pocket Casts is NOT a suitable replacement, though it is the best I've found on Android so far.
  • Thanks for all that info, JoshTheBlack. I definitely added the Firehose feed, which I guess is the problem as it limits the amount of available podcasts. The last one available is GoT 805 - The Bells Instant Talk from May 12. I'm just being lazy or streamlined or needy maybe because I want a much bigger archive. I realize I could subscribe to individual Feeds such as TV or Movies but then everything would double up. 

    BTW, I have an iPhone and I don't remember why I didn't go head over bananas for Apple Podcasts. It might have had something to do with no integration with Apple Watch (which I don't even use anyway) or maybe it had crappy 30 second skips. Maybe I'll give it another shot. Maybe I'll check out Pocket Cast, Hunkulese, thanks for the suggestion.

    I also know you can just go to any web based article of old casts and listen from there. There are definitely options. I just wish there was the one that I want in Overcast for the Firehose stream. Because I'm a spoiled a$$.

    BTW, this all stems from the fact that I watched half of Mandy last night and though it's kinda a chore, I'm also drawn into it. I'm gonna watch the second half tonight and then try and listen to the BM cast tomorrow... somewhere or other!

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