Thank you for turning me into a HUGE nerd

Soooo just wanted to thank you guys for turning me into the biggest GoT nerd.  I discovered your podcast about six months ago and have listened to them all twice. I am not a book reader (although I did just listen to The World of Fire and Ice).  My husband is a huge book reader, however, thanks to you two my GoT knowledge has far surpassed him- making me far to f*cking happy than I should be.   I keep asking my husband questions about tinfoil theories, etc. and he keeps asking me "who are you?"

Anyway thanks so much and please keep it up.  Are any of the Night's Watch podcasts available?  I'd love to listen to them to get your take on the early seasons.  

Again, thanks bros :)


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Hey, thanks for the kind words.  Glad you're enjoying them!
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    edited May 2015
    And just when you think it's all pixie dust and fairy sprinkles, she hits you with the "any way to listen to the Night's Watch?" Ha ha.
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