Netflix's DarK - intelligent sci-fi/time-travel series with great style

I can't believe there isn't more discussion about Netflix's DarK on here.

It's a very intelligent series with a plot that will make your mind bend in interesting ways. Something I truly admire about DarK is that it's one of the very few time travel stories that doesn't devolve into absurdity or cheesiness. Whilst time travel plays a very crucial role in the entire series, the show lays out its rules clearly from the get go and manages to stick to them with incredible consistency. I consider myself someone who adores and obsesses over the intricacies of time travel in fiction and I have to say Dark stands up to scrutiny the most.

But that aside, Dark is a show that keeps you guessing, all while showing breathtaking shots and gorgeously terrifying music. If you like shows like True Detective, Mr Robot, Twin Peaks, Maniac, etc., I can guarantee you will enjoy Dark.

The one barrier to entry is that Dark is a German produced show. Netflix offers both subtitles and dubs. I couldn't get into the dub myself, but I have friends who have and enjoyed the show all the same. If anything I've said has sounded interesting, then please don't let the fact that it's German stop you from trying out this neat show.

Dark has two seasons currently released, with the third and final season releasing on Netflix next June. The show will tell a complete story once it's finished.

Does anyone know if Jim or ARon have ever acknowledged this show? It's certainly one of those shows that lends itself to casting, since each episode reveals more and more of the puzzle.

Does anyone else on this forum share my enthusiasm for the show? If so, let's start discussing it!!
ElisaEine Frau


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