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Who else is watching this?  I can’t go to bed now! 

Here is the trailer:

This is such a great horror series!  Having more fun than Haunting of Hill House and we had a blast with that one.  With Marianne I got many moments so far of my wife trying to claw & climb up on my shoulders in shear terror!



  • @cdrive I tried this last night. I thought it definitely had potential but it lost me about halfway through. It was good until the priest showed up with the dog and then everything seemed to get a little too ridiculous for me. I'm not sure if it's the dubbing, the overacting or the mix of both. But it just came off more goofy than scary to me. I appreciate the recommendation though!
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Maybe turn the overdubs off and do original French with English subtitles? I’ve heard this helping for people. I was going to do that at first but weirdly I like the overdubs on this one cause the camp style kinda fits to me. 
  • I would imagine watching that with dubs would be a completely different experience. Just finished it, no dubs, and it was really pretty good. 
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