The Irishman

Trying to keep my expectations low, but whooo boy this looks like it could be a 10/10.


  • It definitely has the cast to be something special.  I'm with you, attempting to curb my enthusiasm but it certainly looks promising. 
  • rhcooprhcoop Knoxville, Tn
    I'm sure it will be good, but i have zero interest in this.  I think I might be over mob movies for a while or at least Robert DeNiro mob related movies for good. 
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    reviews are off the charts so far. really looking forward to this.

  • For real though, this is gonna be sick!
  • Now that the movie is on Netflix, will the guys make an episode reviewing it?
  • rhcooprhcoop Knoxville, Tn
    Really?  I'm surprised people are excited for this.  

    I hope people that are into it enjoy it, but I have zero interest in this.

    It just looks like a bloated and watered down version of all the 739 mob movies these guys have been in during the past 30 years.

    Am I alone thinking this?  I'm not being smart or bullying for an argument, I'm genuinely curious. 
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    several peeps mentioned it in the 'last movie you saw' thread. i enjoyed it. like i said in that thread, i couldn't watch it in one sitting (esp in a theater). i watched it in 40-45 minute chunks and thought it would have been better as a mini-series than a movie.
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    It was like watching John Gotti play The Sims for 3 hours.
  • Doctor_NickDoctor_Nick Terminus
    edited December 2019
    I need to watch it again, if I have the time now that I've gotten more used to their apparent ages..  People were really charitable to the de-aging technology, I think.

    It just looked like a solid 50 year old truck driver was starting out as a mob hit man, and Russel Bufalino seemed about the same age in the 1950s as he did in the 1970s. 

    Would the movie have really suffered if DiCaprio, Bobby Cannavale and/or Michael Shannon, for instance, played some of the younger principals?  
  • I completely understand why some people don't see the value of sitting through 3 and half hours of this movie, but I thought this was incredible. Once you get over some of the uncanny valley stuff from the de-aging tech, watching De Niro and Pacino acting against each other was thrilling, and Joe Pesci was truly incredible playing such a different type of role. It's a much more contemplative and meditative gangster movie, so if what you like about Scorcese is the manic feel in movies like Goodfellas or Wolf of Wall Street, this probably won't do it for you. But it makes sense for where Scorcese is in his career, and though I think he could have cut out a lot from the first half hour, everything from the second Pacino is introduced is excellent. Probably just outside of my top 5 Scorcese films. 
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