Bojack Horseman's Season 6 to be its last...

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From Variety:

"Netflix has announced that the forthcoming sixth season of the adult animated comedy will be its last. The streamer also revealed the concluding season will air in two parts, the first launching Oct. 25, 2019, and the second on Jan. 31, 2020."

If you haven't seen the trailer:

Wish Baldmove covered Bojack, but unfortunately this comes in the middle of so much stuff for them already :/


  • This is my current best show on TV, so I'm sad its ending, but also glad they aren't dragging it out. 
  • sorry, something went wrong with the youtube link!   Edited.
  • Mine too.   I put it in the background if I just want something on.    I might have a problem!
  • Hmmm.  Looks like Netflix asked for this to be the last season?

    Aaton Paul twitted:

    "We had a wonderful time making Bojack. Couldn’t be more proud. Fell in love with these characters just like everyone else did but sadly Netflix thought it was time to close the curtains and so here we are. They gave us a home for 6 beautiful years. Nothing we could do about it."

    At least they were given the heads up to write towards an end, rather than just not being re-newed.   But it would be really too bad if the creators still had ideas for where to take Bojack but were not given the chance?
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