Empire Business – Commissions 2019

FYI I don't think Monday's Empire Business – Commissions 2019 made it into the podcast stream.

ARon mentioned that he was going to start discussion for people to talk about BM's bringing back Commissions but I couldn't find it so I wanted to start the discussion!

Who else is excited! I can't wait to pitch in on some commissions, I am going through movie review withdraw and had to go back to their old commissions for material...probably have to save a few years for the $1499.99 self commission.


  • I’m very excited. Commissioned podcasts are some of my favorite listens. I really like the Kickstarter-ish way of funding. 
  • I too... am excited. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are my favorite shows of all time, so Jim & Aron’s coverage of those has been so of my favorite Bald Move content. But... a close second is their coverage for older, classic movies like Godfather, Star Wars, Back to the Future, etc.

    Glad to see commissioned podcasts back, and with the amount of free content Jim, Aron, and Cecily pump out, they owe zero apologies for a higher price point on this.
  • ThegelatokingThegelatoking Houston, TX
    edited October 2019
    @A_Ron_Hubbard @Cecily Will funders be able to pick some of the movies for the crowd funded commissions?
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