I Watched the Watchmen pilot

I posted this on Reddit earlier: 

I just saw the screening and panel for watchmen at NYCC and really enjoyed it. I'm not going to give away spoilers but it felt very similar to the first episode of season 2 of the leftovers.

It's also starts with a cold open set in the past then drops you in in the present and as the viewer you don't know the rules for this world and little pieces are revealed over the episode and presumably for the future 8 episodes. My only issue was that the speakers were terrible so I could not hear some of the dialogue, and you cant read the lips of mask covered faces.

There has been some criticism from people about the show would be black and white and ignore the grayness of the comic, this isn't the case. While the villanous group the seventh kalvary are white supremisicts the cops aren't virtous good guys either. Honestly the cops are acting more like Rorsach than the group who are perverting his likeness as a symbol. I'm excited to see more.

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