We Watch: Watchmen - (another) Podcast

Hey folks,

My girlfriend (La Boom) and I (Black Soul) started (yet another)Watchmen podcast the other day called, We Watch: Watchmen.

I wanted to post it here because I genuinely think Bald Move's fan base is the best and most thoughtful crowd in podcasting. Due to being huge fans of A. Ron, Jim, and Cecily, our podcast surely has traces of the Bald Move DNA in it - you can literally blame them for it happening in the first place - however, I think the differences in our perspectives is what would make our shows also enjoyable to listen to. I feel like this season of The Watchmen for us has a similar feeling of closeness that Jim and A.Ron felt when watching and podcasting on The Leftovers, in that it seems like it will hit unusually close to home in terms of theme.  

The first episode( ~1 hr) is a semi-complete comic book summary where we do a deeper dive into the happenings of the comics - at least the part we thought that would matter going into the show. In the second episode(~2.5hr), we did a frame-by-frame breakdown of the 4 main trailers that came out and pulled a bunch of Easter Eggs and theories that you may find intriguing - things that I hadn't seen or noticed in other places. Be warned: This is our first attempt at podcasting so we're still very rough around the edges.

We're not on Apple Podcasts yet *shakes fist at sky*, but if you're willing to give us a chance you can find us on our Libsyn right now at https://wewatchpod.libsyn.com/

We would love it if some of the Bald Move crowd came along to join us for the ride. Thank you so much, and Thank you to A.Ron, Jim and Cecily for doing what you do.

To A.Ron, Jim, and Cecily - if you end up listening at any point and have got any tips and pointers to help us out moving forward, any tidbits would be truly appreciated. We're about as green as it gets in regards to podcasting. Production is done with Audition and obviously being hosted through Libsyn. Thanks again.
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