I’m a bit on the later scale to get all the references but man this is such a great millennial apocalypse show. Really enjoyed it. Had a mix of a lot of different media. The reference to past film is just relentless. Every episode has some reference and homage to cinema before. 


  • There’s a lot to like about this show; the story (a nuclear blast that only affects grown ups), the characters (including a 10yo pyromaniac, a jock turned samurai pacifist, and a guy just trying to find his girl), the bad guys (“Lord of the Flies” children) run amok in East LA plus pseudo zombies! What’s not to like?

    There are a LOT of tip-of-the-hat tropes to past movies (Mathew Broderick as the HS principal!?, the action at the mall, etc.) and that just makes each turn more fun. A good drama-comedy. You guys should cover least a little.
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