Bojack Horseman Season 6 part 1 (spoilers)

Any thoughts?

Please only read if you've watched season 6 part 1 (or if you are not afraid of spoilers):

I liked how Bojack wasn't fully committed to the rehab until he saw a picture of Sarah Lynn on the wall.    I think it would have been hard to believe that BoJack would change from going to rehab just once.    I really like how some of the ways BoJack is giving people the one thing they always wanted from him; giving mr peanut butter the "cross over episode" he always wanted, taking Todd out for a lunch meeting just to catch up with him and (and perhaps finding a partner for Todd without an easy way for Todd to know Bojack did that for him), being a good friend to Dianne without asking for some type of recognition and being just supportive of her, and his visit to Princess Carolyn.

I'm really wondering where the plot about the reporters investigating Sara Lynn's death is going.   I assume it will expose Bojack's terrible past, but how would that affect Bojack?   Pre season 6 Bojack would try to cover it up, fight the accusations and fear losing his celebrity/legacy to that past, but season 6 Bojack?   Would he own up to all those mistakes and continue to make amends?    Or would this be too much for him?   Also, what would come of Hollyhock's and Pete repeat's meeting?   With 8 episodes to go, I'm curious what will happen given that most of the character arcs for the main characters seemed to have come to some type of resolution.

Also, not sure why, but finding out BoJack was coloring his hair, and to see him in graying hair was a shock (a good one, but a shock).

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