The Devil Next Door

Very good so far. 2 episodes in and I don’t know what side to choose. That is an excellent job of documentary working. He might be guilty he might not. Right now I don’t know. 

Also this reminds me of Apt Pupil. One of the forgotten gems of Sir Ian Meckellen. 

Both are worth a watch. 


  • Sort of sad no one is talking about this. Finished it a last night and I still don’t know what to believe. There definitely was no bias I could see. Maybe a bit on one side but not too much. 

    4. things that stood out for me from this. 

    1. Its the absolutely disgusting savagery that humans can lower themselves to. My god I have a masters in history and seen pretty much everything. 
    but holocaust videos will never ever ever lose their influential power on what is right and wrong. And I’m worried with the social medias new rules to censor content that people will not see the horrors. I can tell you my kids will see disturbing images and I’m sure it will change them fundamentally. But I do not want to censor them from the past. They need to know what evil looks like and what humanity is capable of. From both sides. 

    2. Where do you cross the line between someone who did something bad to live and secure their future to morality and paying the ultimate price for what’s right and wrong. Where does John fall on the spectrum on pure evil to angelic and how do you determine that based on their actions throughout 90+ years. If he watched 10 people he killed and did nothing but then came to the US and lived a new life and raised a family that contributed to society in a positive way how do you make than decision? Do any of us actually have that right to decide?

    3. When can bias and emotion and torment begin to skew reason. When can a person who witnessed the worst atrocities in the world be asked to identify a potential murderer 45 years after. How can you know this is fact and truth. do these victims truly see the devil. The evil person who conducted these atrocities. Or are they just projecting their beliefs that they are being responsible for ensuring the punishment for a crime someone else may have committed. 

    4. Reasonable doubt. No spoilers. Maybe they didn’t agree with reasonable doubt. Maybe they did. But this is so so so important to our legal system. And it’s critical and why we have the saying it’s better to have 100 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man die. 
  • I finished it yesterday and loved it. 
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
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    This is the first I’m hearing about this. Is it HBO? Netflix? Sounds like the subject is the holocaust? I will google this for sure. 

    Edit: just watched the trailer and looks good. 
    This is what frustrates me about Netflix. They drop so much content with little or no marketing. There have been a few gems that I accidentally found while scrolling for something else. 
  • This is the first I’m hearing about this. Is it HBO? Netflix? Sounds like the subject is the holocaust? I will google this for sure. 
    Netflix. It’s basically making a murderer holocaust version. 
  • Incredible courtroom footage. 
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    fidoz said:
    Incredible courtroom footage. 
    All the footage was incredible. Especially the haunting concentration camp footage. The footage of a teenage kid looking like a Skelton fearing for his life as he is being shown like a prisoner/experiment has not left me since I’ve seen it. His scared/unknown look into the camera is devastating. 
  • The story about a young child somehow surviving the gas chamber and coming out asking for her mom is fucking heartbreaking. 
  • I agree my first thought was of apt pupil.  A very good very disturbing Novella and decent movie that haunted me when I was younger.  

    I’m just starting episode 3 but what I’m finding very striking is his affect both before and during the trial.  His expressionless face or smirking or at other times laughing while people are speaking of such horrifying events demonstrates such a lack of empathy.  It’s very disturbing.

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