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    Actually I never added the gold to my character sheet so just use
  • If he were working with Negrellis he likely could have just left us in that godforsaken lab to die, we had no other means of exit and he made very little effort to actually “finish the job” as it were in that encounter. As to whether he has ulterior motives beyond simple altruism I couldn’t say but I’d wager the fact that he’s a member of the Unseen Hand makes that outcome more likely than not. Unfortunately given that “George” has all but vanished and Torvan has had little to no knowledge of his whereabouts we have no real way to interrogate him. In any case whatever the Hand wants for Woodside it’s preferable to having the city overrun by undead hordes so for the moment we should probably focus on preventing that particular occurrence.

    With that in mind we have a few options, first we should wait and see if Brother Plastalyn can convince the church to take a more active role. Having a monastery of anti-necrosis clerics on side would be a boon though I can’t say that I’m hopeful they’ll listen without more hard evidence given their previous stubbornness. Our second, somewhat riskier, path is to approach the Quarrymen. Given their previous dealings with the Rats they’d likely have a good deal of knowledge on how to deal with them and are the most likely of organizations in the city to withstand an incursion of cultist spies. They’re also cutthroats and thieves though so not the most trustworthy sort.

    Third, we try and make contact with any other members of the Hand within the city though I’m not sure how we would go about finding them. They appear to be a rather secretive lot and even if Torvan knew where we could find another member, and I gather he’s been out of the game for a while now, I’m uncertain he’d tell us. Option four, we place our faith in the law, and present evidence of the various criminal activities going on in the city to an authority figure who we believe has not been compromised by the Rats. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing who has and hasn’t been co-opted into their scheme and we also lack solid evidence of their plotting.”
  • ”With that said, I have no particular preference towards any approach so I’ll place my vote with the majority opinion. Now I have some personal matters to attend to so in order to expedite things I’ll just do all our errands at once if you’d like to leave me with a list and some funds.”

    Aka I’m gonna go buy/sell all the stuff we need so tell me what you want. I’m just going to take 100 of the 200 gold we acquired to buy the pearl and we can split the remaining 100 later after I supplement it with the gold from the jewelry. 
  • Darcassan

    I vote we aid Plastalyn by talking to the church idiots to see if we can convince them of what is really happening. They probably have him locked up somewhere now.

  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada

    I agree. We should check on Plasty and make our case to the church. We may want to bring some of the Rat paraphernalia we've collected with us. It would also be good to try to make contact with the mysterious note writer inside the church. Do they know about the tunnels? If we locate them, that evidence could bring them on side.

    The Quarrymen is a good lead, but we should be sure we know the cost of their cooperation before agreeing to anything. This is my vote for what's next after the church unless circumstances change.

    I'm not keen to involve the authorities until we have a better idea of who is trustworthy. We may need some leverage (other than violence/death) as insurance if we go this route. Either way I don't see how we both end up on good terms with the authorities AND be certain they won't betray us to Neg.

    The Hand is intriguing but I don't think it's our richest vein to mine at the moment. I doubt they will withdraw their support until we've dealt with Negrellis - but it's something to keep in mind as things around here get closer to "balanced".

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    "I agree with my friend, Ragnuk's assesment.  We must help the cleric first, then enlist more allies if need be."

    BTW- Didn't realize the hand crossbow was so expensive - I'm going to need a loan unless my cut of whatever's coming to me is 60 or more GP.  I took off all the extra GP on my sheet, so I'll wait to see how much I'm getting after chipping in for the pearl.    
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    I've put a regional map on page 1 of this thread, I've also made it the default map in roll20.

    Edit: It's been updated with some info regarding the new features.
  • It’s been a few days since you’ve settled into your new base of operations.  You’ve spent the time taking care of various things and trying to plot your next move.  On your third day at the Broken Chestplate, Plastalyn finally returns.  He seems to have a concerned look on his face.

    “I wish that I had better news to report, but I don’t.  Things didn’t go well with the church elders.  I don’t know if it’s their own denial, or if the Rats have infiltrated the order and are leading them astray.  Either way, we won’t be getting any help from them and I fear that any attempts to involve them with our plans might just betray our intentions to the Rats.”

    “It’s not all bad though.  Whoever tipped me off earlier left another note for me, I found it hidden in my room.  It was short, but gives us a lead.”

    Plastalyn reaches into a pocket a pulls out a small scroll.  Holding it out in front of him, he begins to read.

    “N wishes to destroy us.  Trust no one but the most untrustworthy.  Talk to Dio Darkrainbow at the Den of Sin.  His help will come with a price, but it must be paid.”

    He rolls the scroll back up and slips it back into his pocket.

    “That’s it, that’s all it says.”  He pauses for a second before continuing. “I..ah..this Den of Sin place….I’ve um…heard of it before.  It’s a…ah…brothel, in Rockbottom.”  He looks a little embarrassed but quickly regains his composure.  “Normally, I’d suggest staying as far away from Rockbottom as possible but that’s the kind of place that wants visitors so we should be safe.”

  • Stirling
    "Good to see they let you out, Plastalyn."
  • Justus

    Brothels you say...well what are we waiting for?
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    By the way if anyone would like me to ask Kasparian a specific question with the stone feel free to make a suggestion. 
  • Before we depart I suggest we consult with our friends in the bar. I’m sure they don’t frequent such a place but perhaps they have some knowledge of what to expect so that we do not find ourselves caught wholly unawares. 
  • Alkaid13 said:
    Before we depart I suggest we consult with our friends in the bar. I’m sure they don’t frequent such a place but perhaps they have some knowledge of what to expect so that we do not find ourselves caught wholly unawares. 
    Torvan tells you that he doesn't specifically know much about the Den of Sin.  He's aware of it, and sometimes overhears patrons mentioning it.  By his estimation, it doesn't have a particularly bad reputation - but stresses that nothing in Rockbottom has a good reputation.

    "Just some general advice if you're heading to Rockbottom.  Keep your heads down and mind your own business.  Don't walk in there acting like heavies - trust me, there's always someone there who is bigger, stronger and tougher just looking for an excuse to start something.  And whatever you do, don't go flashing gold around - there are people there who will slit your throat for the hell of it, don't incentivize them by making it profitable for them."

    He takes a moment to speak directly to you @Alkaid13.  "Aurelia, take no offence to this but the uppity way you sometimes carry yourself in, that won't fly over there.  Putting on airs is the quickest way to get knocked down a peg."

    "One last thing, remember the Falcon Guards jurisdiction stops at the Town River.  Once you cross one of the bridges into Rockbottom, you're on your own.  Anything goes.  If you find yourselves in trouble, you'll have to find yourselves out of it.  Believe me when I say that it would be best if you avoided any trouble at all.  Do your business and get out of there as quickly as possible."
  • Alkaid13 said:
    By the way if anyone would like me to ask Kasparian a specific question with the stone feel free to make a suggestion. 
    Did we ever get an answer on if there is a secret code/handshake for the Rats?
  • Hatorian said:
    Alkaid13 said:
    By the way if anyone would like me to ask Kasparian a specific question with the stone feel free to make a suggestion. 
    Did we ever get an answer on if there is a secret code/handshake for the Rats?
    Three days have gone by, so we can retroactively say that this was asked and answered, there is no secret handshake or code.  It's a small enough group (about 30 active core members)  where they all know each other.
  • I'll give you a small write up about what you know about the structure of the Rats in an hour or so...I'm just finishing off my dinner and want to relax for a bit :) 
  • The Rats have a singular leader, it was Kasparian and now it’s assumed to be Mastrid.  Under the leader there are 5 sub-lieutenants, each of them is in control of their own gang of 5-6 men.   Unless things have changed in the wake of Kasparian’s betrayal of the Rats, the lieutenants are:

    Hamnish Telfork – a male human in his mid 20’s.  He’s known to be a trained assassin and carries out a lot of the group’s targeted murders.

    Jostaran Unstalek – a male half-elf who prefers the use of charm and deception over violence, he also fancies himself a lady’s man.

    Krinstar Seltmast – a male half-orc, best known for his violent temper and fits of rage.  Not much of a strategist but when brute force is needed, Krinstar is called upon.

    Quell’Astra Helvok – a mysterious figure of unknown race or gender.  Quell’Astra is a deadly bowman and it’s assumed that the rooftop archers who you’ve encountered were under their control.

    Mastrid – a plotter and schemer, a ruthless mastermind who is also skilled in making deadly poisons.  Now that Mastrid is the assumed leader of the Rats it’s not known which of his men has been promoted to lieutenant.

    Each of these subgroups has their own areas of expertise, are given responsibilities, tasked with missions etc and operate independently and report back to the leader.  Each gang has its own network of spies and informants – many of whom don’t even realize that they’re working for the Rats.  The Rats might personally infiltrate a business, or they may use bribery to gather information from an existing employee.  They prey on people’s weaknesses, targeting those with debts or drinking problems, look for vulnerable people who might want to ‘fit in’ with, they pressure their targets with threats or intimidation, or sometimes even seduction.  The individual members of the Rats are thugs from the streets of Rockbottom, they’ve survived their whole lives by running scams, conning people and blackmailing them.  They’re also brutally violent and act without conscious.  Their ability to adapt and use different tactics to fit a given situation make them a deadly foe

  • Is the consensus decision to head off to Rockbottom in search of Dio Darkrainbow at the Den of Sin?
  • I believe so, I’ll change into more common clothes and throw a cloak on to conceal my armor a bit. 
  • Results of shopping:

    1 Pearl
    1 Hand Crossbow (you’ll have to supply the bolts yourself)
    12 Javelins
    70 gold remaining. 
  • As you make your way Eastward through the town, it occurs to each of you that you’ve not seen much of this part of Woodside.  You’ve spent most of your time in the Market and maybe naturally assumed that the rest of Woodside would be similar. You now know that it’s not.

    You first pass through the Commons and realize that the density of the woods would allow a citizen to imagine themselves in the middle of the Northwoods.  The trees than thicket block out many of the sounds of the town and you immediately understand why the Commons are a popular place to come to for relaxation.  At the North end of the Commons, the dividing line between the Commons and Jimmeron Palace, you walk past a giant fountain in the middle of which is a statue of the Goddess Thellyn holding a longbow with a hawk perched on her shoulder.

    Moving further East along the main road, you walk the boundary between Middling Manor to the South and The Palace District to the North.  The high – and solid – walls surrounding the Palace District prevent you from seeing much, but just judging from the bits of architecture that you can see rising above the wall you can tell that it’s a neighbourhood of opulence and wealth.  Middling Manor tells a different story.  It’s mostly a working and middle class area.  Although it’s seen as a step up from the Market, it’s actually quite similar, the major difference being that the farmers, travelers, merchants and other vendors who fill the streets of the Market are missing and in their place the streets of Middling Manor are filled with the ordinary folk of Woodside.

    As you walk to the Eastern section of town, you slowly begin to see a change in the character of the town.  At first you notice a decline in the upkeep of the houses, and then you feel a change in the mood and atmosphere itself…the citizens look slightly less happy, a little more stern and rough, it becomes are to see a smile on someone’s face.  The sounds of the town change as well, the hustle as bustle of business and pleasure that you’ve heard since you’ve left the Broken Chestplate die down and are replaced with slightly more ominous sounds, some yelling and shouting, the sounds of what might be a fight of some sort, a citizen crying out for the Falcons Guards.  This isn’t a side of Woodside that you had any idea existed, and the Town River still divides you from Rockbottom.

    As you approach one of the bridges that cross the river, you notice that there is a guard post beside it.  A group of four Falcon Guards gather around it, periodically asking questions of those crossing the bridge from either direction.

    As you make your way towards the bridge, one of the Falcon’s stops you for a moment.

    “I can tell just by lookin’ at ya that you lot don’t belong in Rockbottom.  I don’t care what you get up to, but you need to know that our jurisdiction ends here.  Whatever happens on the other side of the bridge…you’re on your own.  Understand?”

    The guard doesn’t wait for a reply.  You get the feeling that he says the same thing hundreds of times a day and he’s issuing a warning as some sort of official duty and doesn’t really care about what might happen to you.

    Crossing the Town River and stepping into Rockbottom is almost like stepping into a whole new world.  Rockbottom lives down to its name.  Almost everything is in a state of disrepair, there’s a strange odour in the air, and streams of strange fluids that look at smell like raw sewage running down the streets.  Most of the people here walk with their heads down to avoid eye contact…except the few who look confrontational, almost as if they’re daring someone to look at them.

    Plastalyn speaks up in a hushed tone. “Keep your heads down, we’re almost there.  We don’t need any trouble here.  The Den of Sin is just up ahead on the right.”

    Just as soon as Plastalyn stops speaking, you’re surprised as a dwarf comes running out of an alleyway, screaming with a panicked look on his face.  As you naturally look over to him, you see a tall woman – a literal goliath – with a smirk on her face as she watches the dwarf run from her.  She lets him get no more than 20 feet ahead of her, before she takes a few strides and unleashes her whip, tangling his legs and begins to reign the whip in dragging the dwarf back to her.

    “Help!” he looks up to you begging and pleading from the ground.  “She’s going to kill me!”

  • Stirling
    "Judging by the locale, it may be deserved. What do you have to say for yourself, good fellow?”
  • Aurelia

    I will use this as a practice run for my “lowborn accent”

    “The fuck you on about mate, you been botheren this here lady?”

    I will then attempt to guesstimate whether the goliath woman looks buffer than me. 
  • As you say these things to him you can instantly tell that nothing you're saying is registering with him, he's in a state of panic and just keeps yelling "Help!".  You do notice that no one else around you is even taking notice of this...the few people who are in the area keep walking past with their heads down.

    @Alkaid13 this goliath is over 7 feet tall and you'd estimate her to be 300 or so pounds.  She's wearing leather armour, has an axe at her side and is clearly holding a whip.  She also doesn't seem to be bothered or care that you guys are there, she's focused on the dwarf, smirking and grinning as she reels him in.
  • Justus

    urges the group to move ahead. Not our problem if we don’t drop Negrellis that dwarve is gonna be a zombie anyways.

  • I’ll memorize her features but I won’t start something unless someone else does first, different street different laws. 
  • Justus

    if not too late would like to use the disguise kit to look more in line with the common folk in Rockbottoms
  • Stirling

    Will let bygones be goliaths....
  • Hatorian said:

    if not too late would like to use the disguise kit to look more in line with the common folk in Rockbottoms
    If you just want to dirty yourself up a bit to look more like a commoner, no problem.  If you'd like to make yourself look like someone else you'll need to make a deception check (with advantage because of the disguise kit) and your roll will be weighed against the insight checks made by the people who you encounter (not every single person will make a roll, only those that might have some reason to suspect something or someone who takes a moment to study you for some reason).
  • Is everyone on board with what has been said so far?
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