Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 2): Players Only Please



  • Stirling
    "I can contain my curiosity as well, Dio does seem to be on our side, for now."
  • Aurelia

    Motion carries then as they say, let us acquire some equine transportation. 
  • (I'm going to fast-forward through some mundane stuff here, let me know if this is ok with you guys or if you'd prefer to play it out in the future)

    You guys make your way to the East Gate and leave town headed towards the farming community that Misty told you about.  About a mile or so outside of town you come across a small cluster of buildings that probably falls short of what you'd call a village.  Among the buildings, you spot a large granary, a small general store, and a blacksmith.

    "I bet a blacksmith knows where we can find some horses," Plastalyn says.

    After a brief talk with the blacksmith, he gives you directions to a farm that's not too far away.  "' Bout another mile or so down the road, it bends up to the north and you'll be looking for Harlew's place.  Crops haven't been good this season, I'm sure old man Harlew will be happy to sell off some of his horses to you."

    You walk for about a half-hour more, following the road east and as it bends to the north you spot a sign that identifies one of the farms as the "Harlew's Family Farm".  As you approach, you're greeted by an elderly human man who introduces himself as Harlew.  You explain that you're looking for horses and indeed, he has some that he's willing to part with.

    "In the city, I know that horses as fine as these ones go for 75 gold pieces each, but this ain't the city and I suspect if you're out here you really need 'em so I figure 85 a piece is a fair price to pay."

    Upon being told this, both @Alkaid13 and @Doctor_Nick step forward and negotiate on behalf of the party with great success and they manage to convince the old man to sell his horses for 65 gold pieces each - and he agrees to throw in the saddles and saddlebags for free.

    In the pouches that Dio gave you for expenses, you each find 75 gold and a common gem that you figure is worth 25gp.  So after paying for the horses, you each have 10gp and a 25gp gem on top of whatever you had before.

    Thanking Harlew, you head off to the north to Nordcamp.  It's a well enough traveled route that there's a road of sorts leading the way.  It's not maintained, but people and supplies are sent to Nordcamp often enough that the path is clear and you expect your journey to take about a day and a half. 
  • (more to come, but if you'd like to retroactively do something or ask any questions of the blacksmith or Harlew you can pose them now)
  • Is it possible to check with the blacksmith first before we pass him and ask if he can upgrade any of my weapons? 

    Long bow
    long sword


    anything that can make them more deadly please. And how much the cost? 
  • Hatorian said:
    Is it possible to check with the blacksmith first before we pass him and ask if he can upgrade any of my weapons? 

    Long bow
    long sword


    anything that can make them more deadly please. And how much the cost? 

    These types of things are beyond his ability...he's a farm-village blacksmith and mostly does things like make horseshoes, repair damaged ploughs etc 
  • ”I fear Woodside is a bit too....parochial to employ the type of skilled labor you’re looking for Justus. After this work is completed remind me introduce you to an Artificer I know in Shorecrest, though he may be on the more pricey side.”
  • Justus

    sounds good my friend. Let’s ride. 
  • Stirling
    “.....and my hand crossbow!”
  • The ride North is pretty uneventful on the first day.  The area between Woodside and Nordcamp is relatively well-traveled so along your ride you occasionally pass by various merchants heading to or from the camp.  One thing that you notice along the route is that at semi-regular intervals there are established camps and resting place...nothing fancy, but cleared areas, usually near a stream or watering hole, a hitching post for horses and rocks laid out in a circle to form a firepit.

    After 8 hours of travel, you can tell that your horses are in need of a rest, and it's also getting dark so it's time to consider setting up camp. 

    Would you like to ride on to the next pre-established camp or find a place of your own?

  • How long has it been since the last campsite?
  • Alkaid13 said:
    How long has it been since the last campsite?
    You'd roughly estimate that there should be one within a half hour or so if you press on.
  • Aurelia 

    I will cast Light on my armor. 
    ”This should provide enough illumination to guide the horses to the next encampment.”
  • Darcassan

    I vote to carry on to next pre-established camp.
  • Stirling 
    Are the camps generally occupied?
  • Stirling 
    Are the camps generally occupied?
    The ones that you've passed have been during the day, so they weren't in use.
  • Doctor_NickDoctor_Nick Terminus
    edited December 2019
    "Right, so camping, then?"
  • I think we decided to carry on to the next site then?
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    edited December 2019

    Let's hunker down at the next established camp. I'll keep an eye out for an alternate location along the way. I've got first watch when we arrive.

    This seems like the sort of terrain where the Wanderer background might help me find a suitable place along the way.

  • Sorry, it's been impossible for me to post for the last couple of days, I kept getting message board errors.  It seems to be OK now and we can get back on track here!
  • You press on and about a half-hour later you can see a camp not too far off in the distance.  The first thing that you notice is that there is a fire already burning, and as you get closer you can see that a couple of small tents have been erected.  Nothing about this strikes any of you as odd...these are well-traveled roads so it's not unusual to expect to see other travelers bunking down for the night.

    As you get a little closer, from the faint glow of @Alkaid13 light spell, you see a figure - about human size, and by his build you'd guess him to a man - step out into the road.  In the darkness you can make out that he's got a bow, notched with an arrow, pointing it in your direction. 

    Before you can act, you hear a voice - coming from the direction of the camp itself - yell out.  "Paxtrix, for the love of   Thellyne if they come for us tonight they're not going to come riding down the main road, and not likely from the South either.  Drop your bow, you'll scare the travelers."  And with that, the man in the road lowers his bow, and then slings it over his shoulder.  He calls out to you.

    "My apologies, well met and welcome to the camp."  With that he begins to walk back to the camp.  "Thellyne blessed us, and the forest shared its fruits.  There's some fresh deer roasting on the fire.  We can't eat it all ourselves.  You're welcome to it."

  • Aurelia

    ”Hail fellows and well met, we’re bound for Nordcamp and hoping to set up camp for the night. I thank you for your hospitality though it seems as if you’re somewhat....preoccupied?”
  • Stirling
    "Aye, the welcome started a little rough, but has certainly improved.  Stirling is my name and trading tales is my game.   My friends and I appreciate your kind offer of the comfort of your fire..."
  • Justus

    greetings...we appreciate your hospitality. It sounds like you may have a problem. We can certainly help. All we ask is safe rest, some food and information. 

    We can help rid you of your problem. With the right strategy your enemies won’t even know we were here. 

    justus looks around the area and surveys the landscape to see if there is a good ambush set up we can use. 
  • As you approach the campfire, you can see the man who confronted you on the road now sat beside a woman.  Seeing them side by side, it's apparent that they're twins.

    Paxtrix nods towards his sister and introduces her. "This here is Daxtrix."  He then looks down at the dear roasting over the fire "Help yourselves." Pointing just beyond where they have their tents set up he says "There's water over there, for you and your horses."

    Daxtrix makes eye contact with @Hatorian. "I don't think that we have a problem.  I think my brother is being overcautious."

    "That Darrak fella was kidnapped right from our camp just last night and you're acting like nothing happened!" Paxtrix snaps back.

    "Don't be so dramatic, that was hardly a kidnapping.  That guy had it comming.  I told you that there was something fishy about him from the moment we met him.  He was nervous and acting all weird.  Someone was after him for something, and that someone caught up with him last night.  The big guy didn't do us no harm last night when he could have so I have no reason to think that he'll be back tonight. I told you, it's not our problem."

    Sensing your confusion, Paxtrix begins to fill you in...

    "My sister and I were up at Nordcamp, making a few gold doing some hunting for one of the fur traders up there.  We were havin' a drink talking about when we were going to head back to Woodside.  Then this guy Darrack pops up like he'd been listening to our conversation the whole time.  He starts telling us that he's got to get back to Woodside as soon as possible but he's afraid of hitting the road on his own and wants to know if he could travel with me and Daxtrix."

    Daxtrix continues where her brother left off.  "He's acting all anxious, had a bit of a sweat going and was constantly looking over his shoulder like it was a nervous twitch or something.  We've spent a lot of time at Nordcamp over the years and we've seen this thing before.  Guys go up there to work, get bored, start playing some cards, or spending too much money on the ladies and suddenly they owe more than they've made and start looking for a quick exit.  I didn't want anything to do with him so we told him to bugger off."

    Paxtrix continues. "A couple hours later, my sis and I leave town headed back to Woodside.  A few miles down the road and we realize we're being followed."

    "It's Darrack, he's trailing us.  And this lug..." Daxtrix slaps her brother on the arm, "takes pity on the fool and lets him catch up with us.  Against my better judgement, I might add."

    "Anyway, he joins up with us but stays mum about whatever's got him so spooked.  We can't get a word out of him about anything, he just keeps saying that he's gotta get back to his boss in Woodside, Rio or something like that."

    Daxtrix cuts in, "Long story short, we made camp last night and Darrack takes first watch, I don't think he planned to sleep at all and was going stay up all night.  Anyway, at some point Paxtrix and I hear a commotion and wake up.  When I come out of my tent, I see this huge hulk of a man.  He's got Darrack tied up and he's the process of tossing him up onto his horse.  The big guy looks and me and tells me that this isn't my fight, and that was good enough for me.  I wasn't about to die for some guy we just met."

    "By the time I got out of my tent, the big guy was riding off with Darrack - heading back to Nordcamp, or at least in that direction" Paxtrix adds.

    "And that's what's got my brother so worked up.  He thinks the boogeyman is going to come back tonight.  I think that Darrack guy got himself into trouble that has nothing to with us and we'll never see either of those guys ever again."

  • Aurelia 

    ”It does seems as if this Darrack fell in with the wrong crowd, nevertheless it doesn’t hurt to be cautious and between the seven of us I’m sure we could organize a watch system while still getting plenty of rest. If you could perhaps describe this veritable Gigantes it would help us know what to look out for.”
  • I'm going to repost this here because there were some delays over the last couple of weeks and some details might have been forgotten.  This is what Dio told you about the situation that he wanted you to deal with:

    "Several weeks ago, a very special woman in my employ by the name of Kindra Elstarin traveled up to Nordcamp on a business trip.  She was in the company of a trusted sell-sword named Calvin Markemp. The two were due to return a week ago but there's been no sign of them.  A few days ago I sent a lone man, Darrak Sertak, to Norcamp to retrieve them but he too has failed to return.  If I am to move against the Rats, I need to know that Kinda is safe.  She's very special to me.  I ask that you travel to Nordcamp and bring her back to me.  If some harm has befallen her I need to know who is responsible so that I can personally skin them alive."

    And when you asked about descriptions, this is what he said:

    "Providing a description of Kinda wouldn't be of particular use.  She's been gifted with an innate ability to change her appearance at will. You can imagine how...profitable...such an employee would be for me.  I've known her for years and I'm not even sure if I know her true form.  At any time she can appear to be however she wishes, with a few restrictions.  First, Kinda is human and cannot change her race, body type or sex.  She will always present as a slender, human female.  Also, on the inside of her left wrist, she has a birthmark in the shape of a star.  Regardless of what form she takes, that birthmark is ever-present.  Because of this, she'll often wear tops or dresses with long sleeves or gloves that cover her wrists.

    What might be more useful is a description of Calvin, who hopefully is still at her side.  Calvin is a heap of a man, a giant lump of muscle.  He's well over 6 feet tall and weighs in somewhere close to 300lbs I would imagine.  He's endured life on the streets of Rockbottom and has the scars and fractures to prove it.  His face has been cut and stitched several times and his nose has been broken enough time to leave it permanently disfigured.  Calvin isn't smart or clever, he's barely even likable to most but he is deadly with a sword in his hand.  It's for this reason that I hang on to hope that no harm has come to my precious Kindra."

  • My previous question still stands
  • I'm assuming that everyone is busy with holiday stuff, maybe post when everyone will be free to move on?
  • I’m good 
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