starting to feel like 24?

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a.ron—i thought you articulated your critique of the theatrical choices very well. i couldn’t put my finger on it @ the time, but it did feel like it was catering to the theme a did the
no-dialogue ep, come to think of it :/

anyway, got me thinking. this whole time table is absurd. starting to feel like the suspension of disbelief i had for 24. key difference: w/ 24 it was a cost of entry. 

perhaps i’m missing something in the overall timetable, but the amount of time fast-forwarded in the season premiere was arbitrary, right? so why not give elliot a reasonable amount of time and not make the clock that much of a factor.

like, not one person has had a remotely normal reaction to how fatal any one of these deviations from the plan would be to the timeline of any actual plan, no matter how well-conceived. 

so, three strikes? talk me off the ledge!

p.s. notwithstanding any of this, acting was superb. master class all around. 


  • That’s funny, I was thinking the exact same thing about it starting to feel like 24. All of the episodes have been very good and in isolation wouldn’t feel so absurd. But, I really question spending an entire episode her and the Wellick death episode. Both episodes were developing the characters and moving them emotionally to the right places but two full episodes in the middle of this major hack just really feels unbelievable.
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