Characters vs Real Life

So I was re-watching the latest episode and started to think that each character in GOT resemble my real life friends and I am sure most of you will have similar friends.

Sansa - The beautiful one who always dates losers, psychos and just generally dudes way below her weight and it drives you crazy
Jon - Super talented one with all the ability in the world but stays in a dead end unfulfilling job for whatever reason no matter how much you tell him he could do better
Stanis - Arrogant, cocky and stubborn bastard who will never listen to your advice and just does whatever he pleases cuz he was the homecoming king and coolest kid at school
Arya/Brienne - Tomboy friend you have no physical attraction to but is part of the guys and one of your best friends
Jaime - The one who is head over heals for a chick he shouldnt be and does stupid things in the name of love that always backfire
Tyrion - the drunk
Littelfinger -The one with ulterior motives that you just cant quite figure out and not sure if they are really a friend or someone you should watch out for
Dany - Thinks she knows it all and is better than everyone around her but really is lost and confused and has no idea how to handle life in general
Margery - The super hot one who dates and loves based on what they can do for her and is completely heartless
Samwell - The kind gentle teddy bear with a heart of gold and friend you can always count on

I am sure I am missing more. feel free to help out. :)


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    Bronn that really cool uncle that only shows up on special occasions, driving a vintage triumph bike, brings fine scotch whiskey and tells amazing stories of his travels. (Yes - I have a very high opinion of Bronn)

    I must say I don't really agree with your assessment of Stannis. No way he was prom king.
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    Haha good point. He probably wasn't. I like your Bronn comparison. 
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