Got my GoT Complete Collection Collector's Edition Blu-ray Box Set

edited December 2019 in General

Received my set a little early, as the release date is December 2. Mine is the Nordic (Finland/Sweden/Norway/Denmark) version, but it should be similar to the US and UK versions. Overall, it's a really cool set imo. The outer box is made of wood, while the individual cases are vinyl-like cases and made of thick cardboard. The wooden box was packaged in a styrofoam-padded cardboard box, which was nice as it prevented damage during transit.

The diorama image formed by the cases looks really nice in person. The box set has 3 additional bonus discs and the season cases have 4 discs per season (seasons 1-6) and seasons 7-8 have 3 discs each. The bonus sleeve also includes a small booklet, which was disappointing, as it basically only lists the contents of the discs + episodes. No character bios, episode synopses, family trees or maps. At least it has nice artwork, but the booklet could and should have been a lot better. Lu ckily all the retailer exclusive bonus features are included on the bonus discs. Conquest & Rebellion is also included.

The set is also a lot bigger than I expected. I honestly thought it would be only slightly bigger than regular Blu-ray box sets, but it's huge. I put one steelbook in a couple of pictures as comparison. The box set doesn't really include that many goodies, only the Hand of the King pin (that is used to lock the leather strap on the side of the box), the small booklet and a thank you letter.



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