Difficult to ask for some help, but I could use some.

Hello Bald Move family. This is not something I'm thrilled to do and it takes a bit of pride swallowing to set this thing up. Also, none of you know me personally - so I'm not expecting anything from this...

Long story as short as I can. I am a young man with cerebral palsy which has caused me to use a wheelchair my whole life. I haven't found the way to crash on a mysterious island yet, so I need a wheelchair accessible ramp van for transportation. 

My vehicle of 13 years died on me last month  . It wasn't dead the whole time and everything that happened in it actually happened - but I finally had to let it go and move on. 

I am efforting to get some funding for a downpayment on a wheelchair ramp van. It is not an option I am happy to pursue, as asking for money is something I don't like to do. That being said - there is a government hold on opening new cases at the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. I am on a waiting list, but there is no timetable for when they will open new cases. OVR has helped me in the past with money that more than covered a downpayment. That is not an option for me right now. Wheelchair ramp vans are expensive, due to the conversation cost. I am approved for a loan to finance a 2014 used Dodge Grand Caravan SE with a brand new wheelchair conversation put on, along with the appropriate hand controls.

The monthly payments are more than affordable for me because I have good, steady employment as a claims processor and also a long time dj (dj wheelz). It is just the downpayment that I am struggling to obtain. I need a vehicle to get to and from work and to see my family. The loan company is asking for $10,000 as a downpayment. That I am struggling to come up with all at once. If you are capable of donating anything to this GoFundMe or just simply sharing with someone who can,  I appreciate it immensely. Thank you, all. Very much


My Best,

(I hope you enjoyed the Lost puns)



  • Thankfully I have received several donations outside of GoFundMe that leaves me just about 2000 short. Not asking for any of you to donate really, just the more eyes that see this, the better my chances. Thank you to anyone who has shared or donated - or just sent good thoughts. I appreciate it. Commenting here just this last time to get some new eyes. I hope you all have great holidays. ✌ &
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