Giant Bomb's Dan Ryckert Leaving For The WWE

I know there's a lot of Giant Bomb fans here so I thought it might be worth having a place for thoughts about this. Dan felt like the driving force behind most of my favorite parts and features of the site, it's really sad to see him go off to do production for a wrestling podcast. I'm going to miss the chaotic energy he brings to the site and especially the Beastcast which is the podcast I look forward to most mainly because of him and Vinny. Between this and not really being into the low energy of this year's GoTY content it feels like the end of an era.

Granted there are a ton of things that I wish were the way they were 5-10 years ago and this is just how life goes, but any other GB fans have thoughts on Dan leaving and the future of the site? I'm sure there will still be plenty to like and watching people play video games has never been more relevant than it is now, but my personal relationship with the site has changed a lot in the last couple of years.


  • Totally going to miss Dan and his bright optimism that is hard to come by in video game coverage. 

    I just made it through the GOTY podcasts and I know there are a lot of good and fairly new members like Ben, Jen, and Abby who bring a lot of fun-chaos that you could always depend on Dan for. And is it just me or did Ben go the hardest this year on the GOTY coverage? Played the most games, had the most notes prepared, and really fought hard for Disco Elysium.
  • I like the new members a lot. Ben definitely seemed prepared for GoTY and I'm glad someone enjoyed Disco cause it seems awesome even though I know I'm never going to read that much text. It was awesome seeing Outer Wilds get so much acclaim from them too, I thought it would just be Vinny trying to edge it in where he could.

    I just really missed all the random categories, this year was begging for a best Outer Wild moment the way they did with Wolfenstein 2. This was a banner year for hottest mess too but maybe those conversations would have been too serious. I know Jeff said they got rid of a lot of these in favor of the recap format because they felt like they spent too much time tearing games down and arguing but I never got that vibe.
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