• Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    Why does reading this line make me nervous - “I have my own take on Star Trek” 

    But Hawley does counter that he wants to be respectful of the underlying material, and won't unintentionally change things that people love or feel passionate about. I guess my Star Wars wound is still fresh. Rise of Skywalker has me weary of another iconic series being given a shitty script and a JJ-vision that goes off the rails.

  • I think that version has been an on-again off-again production. Last I heard it was still stuck in the off-again phase, but dunno. Same with the Tarantino version, seems to be currently in the off-again phase. 

    I think the CBS/Viacom re-merger changed a lot of the plans now that the same studio holds all the tv/movie rights again, so probably haven't seen all the fallout from that yet, and likely will end up being a totally different product from any of the current rumors.
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