Sex Education on Netflix

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Is there really not a thread on this yet?

This might be my favorite show of the past few years. Going to paste in something I wrote elsewhere:

It's a teenager/high school show, but it's way more than just that. It's very progressive and frank about sex, but it doesn't feel like it's doing any of that for cheap points or laughs. It's just fundamentally what the show is about, in addition to everyday human struggles. The cast keeps getting bigger, but it's somehow never a problem. They manage to fairly and generously depict 40+ characters, and do a better job of that than just about any show i can remember with a cast this size. I feel like it's somewhat akin to Dazed and Confused. Most shows have a character that annoys me and I can't wait for them to get off screen, but I've yet to find one here. There are no "villains", just characters the show hasn't gotten around to fleshing out yet, and great performances across the board.

They've made a pretty interesting stylistic choice. It takes place in England, and is filmed in Wales, but they deliberately chose to give it an 80's American high school movie flavor. That sounds a bit trite at this point with stuff like Stranger Things and I think Red Oaks too, but it's really just the atmosphere. There's often 80's music in the soundtrack, the jocks wear letterman jackets and it looks like it could be in America in the 80's, but there are cellphones and they reference modern culture. 

Highly, highly recommend.


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    One other thought - it tackles sensitive subjects and gets heavy at times, but it's a very *happy* show, so it's a nice break from some of the grimmer prestige shows. It reminds me of Northern Exposure and how great a mood I'd be in after watching it. My wife and I both love it.

    Also should've mentioned they just dropped the 2nd season, so there's about 16 episodes as of now. I've got two left on this season.

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    Good review from Sepinwall on Season 2, though he's just a bit more down on it than me, and relative to season 1. I think Season 2 does some things better and others not as well.
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    We’ll. I’m going to do this again even if it’s an echo chamber. Just finished Season 3 and they consistently hit it out of the park. Easily my favorite show on tv. There’s such amazing generosity toward the characters on this show and it’s a huge ensemble. There’s a lot of silliness and overt sexuality and while it’s not realistic, it’s very “true.”

    Something I might not have said before - the writers on this show understand that characters telling each other the truth can generate just as much drama and feeling as characters lying or stupidly withholding information. 

    They had a (for this show) clear cut villain this season, and I’m not sure their story satisfied me but it’s a really small thing on the whole. 

    I think ARon would love it and I’d love to hear it covered on one of the TV episodes. 
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    I am looking for a new show to watch. I’ll check this out. Thanks for the recommendation. 
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