BoJack Last Episodes are out!

Can't wait to get home to watch the last few episodes!   They were released today (January 31st 2020).    Anyone else watching?


  • Binged them all in one sitting. Fantastic show with a great ending. 
  • Will really miss this show. Thought there was more to be done and would have liked it if they'd gone on a bit longer, but enjoyed the ending we got and the series in its entirety - so not complaining!
    And that penultimate episode was one of the show's best, loved it.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I was kind of meh on this back half. I also think they should have stopped at the second last episode. 
  • I watched it twice and I liked it much better the second time around.

    By the way, Paul F. Tompkins posted this thoughts on Twitter about the ending of the show:

    I'm not ready to watch the final episodes of BoJack Horseman, but I'd like to talk about what it's meant to me.

    I was offered the role of Mr. Peanutbutter. I'd never met Raphael Bob-Waksberg and have no idea if I was his first choice for the role, but I read the script & was excited to be offered the part.

    The first table read was a blast! I thought it was a really funny show. I was not part of the main cast & hoped that Mr. Peanutbutter would become a frequently recurring character.

    Then a couple weeks later we read the third episode. This was the episode where the show first got really heavy emotionally & I realized this show was going to be more than just a very funny animated show with cursewords.

    Was I Rose DeWitt played by Kate Winslet at the end of 1997 Best Picture winner "Titanic?" Because I was thrilled to be on board!

    After the 1st season had all been recorded & animated, the producers called me a couple days before the show premiered on Netflix to say they were retroactively making me a series regular on the show. One of the most touching & validating things that's ever happened in my career.

    I was so excited going into the second season. We all recorded our roles separately, so I loved our table reads. It was a joy to sit across from Alison Brie & get to act that complicated relationship.

    Alison always sat directly across from me. I always sat right next to Will Arnett. Will and I had a real fucking-around-in-class energy during those reads. I will miss it!

    During the earlier seasons I had spread myself incredibly thin & was always late & always felt terrible about it. No one ever gave me a hard time about it until I emailed the cast & producers an apology and then Alison and Will roasted me mercilessly about it in person.

    I got better at being on time but always had to leave the table reads immediately to go to the next thing & I wish I could have stayed longer to spend m ore time with everyone.

    Even though it ran for 6 seasons it was an animated show, which means as an actor you're not building relationships with everyone the way you would if you saw them every day.

    But I so loved those table reads & being there with the writers and designers and animators. The room was jam packed and we all laughed a lot.

    It was thrilling to meet the guest stars. It was fun to fill in for actors who weren't there and get try out impressions of people like Alan Arkin. It was enjoyable to riff when speakerphone catastrophies would happen.

    I have, to have to this day, never met Amy Sedaris.

    I loved this show for exploring the themes that it did. It very often hit very close to home. I'm glad that it resonated with so many people & appreciate all the kind words people had about what the show meant to them or how much they appreciated my performance.

    This past Thursday, we got to watch Season 6, Episode 9 with a live audience. It was thrilling to be in the legendary Egyptian Theatre with fans of the show (including some Todds)

    My wife Janie Haddad Tompkins is/was the biggest BoJack fan and she loved coming to these events with me and I was always happy to have her by my side. I am extremely lucky to have this person in my life. My name is not Tom.


    I am going to miss seeing the people in these pictures and all those not pictured every year. What a wonderful time.


    It was a true, rare gift to play this extremely human cartoon dog. Thanks for watching, everyone.

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