9-1-1: Lone Star

FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
edited February 6 in Other TV
Fox's new emergency feel good right after feeling real bad pure network schlock bullshit. It stars Rob Lowe though, so I figured that would be worth it alone just for the unintentional lolz. Alright, so this doesn't really star Rob Lowe as much as it stars a slightly more serious Chris Traeger (Rob Lowes character from Parks and Rec). This manages to be woke, not even remotely woke, offensive, and not edgy all at the same time. It's so out of touch on so many fronts, it's almost astonishing.

My favorite so far was when Rob Lowe's character says "I've ran into something like this in the city" while answering a call at a downtown Austin office building.

Oh great, now their answering a call at a grain elevator. I'm at least a little insulted the writers are having Austin city fire departments answer calls with no less than 30 minute response times. Oh this is too good... Immediately after the guy stuck in the silo was saved, the Muslim firefighter's hijab fell off. Rob Lowe immediately yelled "form a wall!", so she could put it back on without being seen. Big city fire fighter comes down to small town, cowboy hat wearing Austin to teach folks a thing or too about tolerance and acceptance of other lifestyles and religion. On Fox no less.

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