Great debut game day for this league.  Two entertaining games, overwhelmingly positive reviews, and tons of twitter memes.  I hope it lasts!  I watched parts of both games, and the quality of play honestly passes the eye test.  Apparently there's a ton of guys in this country who trained most of their lives to be professional football players and needed a chance to do it somewhere.  This is instantly a better venture than the AAF because of the coverage on major networks (FOX, ABC, and ESPN), and Vincent Kennedy McMahon is apparently committed to funding it for at least three seasons.  Who knows if they'll make it. 

It's much less obnoxiously (offensively) "Extreme" than the early 00's version.  It's just real football with slightly different rules.
- No extra point kicks; teams choose to go for 1-3 points from different distances.  I like this as it makes for more interesting scoring scenarios. 
- They don't seem to call helmet-to-helmet contact, at least as much.  I'm on the fence with this, but I'm ashamed to admit I really liked watching a safety fly in and disrupt a pass with a good hit and not immediately get flagged for incidental helmet contact.
- I don't think there's punts, so everybody goes for it on fourth.
- Less commercial breaks.
- Weird kickoffs...the teams line up way ahead of the kicker and don't engage until the returner catches it.  Ostensibly, this will lead to less injuries as everybody isn't fly downfield full speed.  Honestly, It seems fine to me...kickoffs are just an excuse for like 4 commercial breaks in an NFL game.

I haven't watched much of the NFL the last few years, but for some reason I really took a liking to this.  I'll probably tune in the next few weekends.  Anyone else?


  • I forgot to mention that they do on-field interviews of players and coaches during the game and have the refs mic'd up on camera during officiating and replay review discussions.  If the NFL steals anything from this league (which they actually did with the original incarnation) I predict that will be it, but it will probably take them a few years.
  • I enjoyed what I saw.  Seems like this may finally be an example of Vince having learned from his past mistakes.

    Now, if he could only apply that mindset to the WWE...
    ken haleMattyWeaves
  • One of my favorite features of any sport is the live mic on the ref at almost all times in rugby. I wish it was done in every sport.

    Although it would have been interesting in my favorite hockey call of all time when a player embellished a penalty. The ref yelled "No fucking way you fucking fuck get in the fucking box!"

    ken haleFreddy
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