Any N54/any other software tuned forced induction tuners in here?

Just seeing if anyone else here is into software-based automotive tuning


  • I've got an N55, but it is bone stock :( 
  • jackw said:
    I've got an N55, but it is bone stock :( 
    N55 is a sweet update to the N54...if you have an android device, I highly recommend looking into MHD Tuning N55 App. Both the 54 and 55 are capable of making close to 30% more power by (in the most general of explanations) updating the ECU software with Air/Fuel tables that are more precise over a given range of data points that BMW decided not to include for whatever reason (actually in the 1 Series M which has an N54, they do implement these table upgrades so money is the reason). I am currently in an N54 table tweak and tune mania so if you ever decide to software upgrade your ECU, gimme a shout and I'll help any way I can.
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    I don't know much about BMWs, but did mess endlessly with the tune and supporting hardware on my WRX (is there such a thing as a stock WRX/STi?)

    And now run a Livernois tune on my 2015 twin turbo Ford edge, which makes it feel like a WRX....  :) 

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