10 years of bald moving: celebration suggestions (per 3/6 lwj&a)

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tl;dr - do a long podcast about the last ten years.

seriously tl;dr - do a retrospective long podcast about the ups and downs of the last ten years, covering history, pivotal moments, inside jokes adding some behind the scenes info to decisions big and small, where shit broke bad or took flight (like say a dragon) or both (like say a dragon); including commentary and behind the scenes info re: whether this surviving trope or favorite cast or character voice or skit was the product of thoughtful discussion/debate/disagreement or were spontaneous/impulsive.  Then with community assistance in developing suggested topics (to make this type of expansive cast possible with your time constraints, by limiting the required BM prep) and primarily leaving it to the "only thing your good at, sitting down and talking into these microphone."  A slightly more intensive version would include BM or Cecily in production or with help from the forum community, providing links in the show notes to expansive discussions of topics only slightly referenced in this celebration cast...that would serve to make this a joyful celebration cast while ALSO creating a longterm, single-source repository for the history of baldmove, benefiting newer members by providing sources to casts w further discussions but precluding any need to rehash them for the 9 millionth time in this cast (or future ones...where lunch q's could simply be answered by "see that 10th anniversary celebration cast" and moving to the next q) but still linking people who don't know the backstory. that time A.Ron broke his ass jumping off the cliff is an amazing story that pops up here and there by reference but i'd been a member several years when i finally stumbled across the time he told the full tale...this could be a nice way for the community and BM to point to favorite stories, events, etc and decrease the barrier to entry for new converts.  thanks for reading neighbor

{**note: i have written this on my phone (lost internet and the content), started fresh (lost battery and the content), sat down at my computer and written it...i cannot go through and edit this better...it is long [so long that i've had to cut/paste the version in the next post for space reasons], expansive and i think covers the major issues...please someone have the decency of making this make sense in a shorter form or lets just start building this thread by replying with your favorite moment, cast, change, addition, subtraction etc. but i really can't spend anymore time on this. this friendly neighbor is out, do with this what you will!**}


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    Per comment from @A_Ron_Hubbard during last lunch, i think a commemorative tshirt is a great merch idea...i also think you REALLY need to do a "premium content" bald lunch shirt with the cartoon caricatures generally used by "the boys" and one for @Cecily! I also have a bigger idea for a cast, the explanation is long but i really don't think the work required would be prohibitive as it is mostly just sitting down and recording a conversation, the details are as follows:

    My big suggestions is that A.Ron + Jim get on the mic and do a modified q&a session (akin to the __ million downloads celebrations) except instead of answering questions, the boys ruminate on favorite baldmove moments in a 10 year retrospective.  In lieu of questions, the community could provide suggested (personal favorites) highlights, pivotal moments and fan faorite times/casts/shows/running jokes etc. and instead of reading each comment and agreeing/disagreeing etc, they could serve to cut down the workload of prepping this type of session.  the comments could be a source to adopt from or discard as seen fit. This might also generate interesting content, such as memories they'd forgotten, topics they'd placed low value on and/or opportunities to give some "behind the scenes" looks at content creation.  Was that comment off the cuff or pre-written, did this event or tradition, inside joke or that one develop spontaneously or was it the product of much back and forth with one another or others? it also provides for a great jump off point for future bold move community members to get a baseline on some recurring content/inside joke/call backs in one place.  This could be done with as much or as little prep as baldmove can or desires to put into it; more in depth version might include links in the notes to important casts that explain personal or community stories, events, jokes...you get the gist by now. but if links to those casts were provided this would be an AWESOME repository for the perennial questions and other repetitious lunch q&a's from topics ranging from religious upbringing to whether a hotdog is a sandwich to the burrito as a food group to taco bell culture to how decisions are made about tv and movie coverage, how that's changed since the inception etc etc.  but including source material in one place for those interested (providing a sort of advanced cast version of the about us page with references for further exploration for newer community members...this will also be helpful as it lowers barriers to entry in relationship development and feelings of community membership/inclusion).  but the discussion on the cast could be a fun look back on what it was like to just flip through the channels and land on something you liked vs strategizing a year in advance what you'll be covering...jumping into a show a few episodes in vs 2nd season theory vs pre-coverage and launch.  all of this is somewhat retread material but it would make for a really fun cast to see it as a look down memory lane and the fun and the challenge of prior iterations, what that was like...how it's better/worse was possible but isn't or just became unfun or not financially justifiable...etc. why A.Ron hated Lost and tries to burn the world down by openly reveling in it, why @Jim is a robot and how they are able to be so far ahead in AI b/c it is really hard to tell sometimes.  I'm trailing off some here but i really think this idea has merit and would be fun to hear, helpful to future fans, easy for "talking on the mic" but doable from a preparation standpoint if the community assists and @cecily sort of wrangles the notes section together with pertinent links.

    i don't know but I've been thinking about it since lunch on Friday and I'm a pretty committed/ quasi-longtime fan but only hit up the forums intermittently, I've listened to nearly every single cast released and have asked the odd lunch q here or there or been on twitch for a handful of Mario runs, but i am certainly @Murderbear, @cdrive, @Hatorian, @JaimieT, @Freddy or @Michelle **...(or you if your reading this and pissed that i didn't list your name) but i still feel like i am a pretty knowledgeable community member and still some older content references miss me (i never listened to mad men b/c haven't watched it yet, or much of the walking dead b/c i didn't like that show by the time i became a baldmove fan and didn't catch onto their coverage style until shortly before they tossed in the towel) and for newer fans to catch up there is a HUGE time commitment, and the osmosis approach via lunches is helpful but has challenges.  so, having a retrospective could be a great celebration of ten years of work, from pastime to network to full time jobs to save bald move to taking on new employees to infinity and beyond...reflect on difficult decisions or easy ones that should have been more thought through, laugh at tough moments and scrutinize easy ones....in a free wheeling discussion that is plotted out only by topic selection and a general idea of what the intent of the cast is (as exhaustively laid out above). 
    **[another potential topic of discussion in reflecting on ten years of BM: what's it like developing longterm relationships with people via parasocial relationship (a topic discussed multiple times) but where you have actually developed a more social/less para relationship; like with the named persons above (many of whom have shared damn near as much about their lives with you and community over the years as you with them)...do you feel like you know them, do you know them? or is it surprising when you meet for the first time, the 10th? what's it like to have had support from some members for literally your entire cast, some of whom are/were when you did commissions significant patrons.]

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