My Brilliant Friend

ElisaElisa Los Angeles
My Brilliant Friend is back on HBO. It’s a coming of age story of two young girls in a poor section of Napoli aka Naples Italy during the 50’s and 60’s. It’s based on a four book novel series and really good. I Highly recommend it. 
ken hale


  • I'm low-key obsessed with this show. If you think being poor sucks, man, just take a look and see what it's like to be a poor woman living in a strict catholic community. The performances from the whole cast are terrific, especially the two leads (both the childhood and current teenage ones). It's a bit like watching Mad Men where the show is a slice of life in a particular place and time, and the most important part of the story is the characters' shared history and how they interact with each other as they grow. It's a really authentic and well-made drama. I imagine @Jim might be interested since it's from his motherland but most of the time the characters don't speak standard Italian so it could be challenging. 

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