Season One Retrospective Podcast Thread

In the latest podcast, Jim and I announced our plans to cover each past season of Mad Men in a single podcast episode released once per month.  This is the thread for discussion of season one, which will release sometime towards the end of June.  Feel free to join in, book club style, and share your favorite meaningful moments, best episodes, memorable songs, or whatever!  


  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
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    I've actually been rewatching the show since mid april. Rewatching season one was some of the most fun I've had on a second watch of any show. The Peggy vs Joan dynamic. The bullpen of Ken, Pete, Harry and Paul. They were all equals back then. And Don & Roger. Mccann was after Don way back in season 1!! I completely forgot about that. 

    One scene that sticks out is Don & Roger getting all liquored up and eating oysters and cheese cakes before a meeting. They get back to the office (already late) and the elevators are out. Roger labors his way up the stairs and ends up puking in front of the client. This sort of bookends Don getting Roger back and sort of showing him up a little bc a few episodes before Roger drunkenly came onto Betty.

    I'm excited to hear what you guys have to say on season 1.

  • MichelleMichelle California
    I love love love this idea.

    Thinking back to season 1, some of my favorite moments, in no particular order:
    *The Carousel pitch with the slides of the family
    *Betty shooting the pigeons in that pink robe, cigarette dangling from her mouth, eyes closed as she takes a breath between shots, then keeps shooting.  Super girlie and super badass,
    *Betty gliding down the stairs on Valentine's Day in that gorgeous dress and fur coat as "Song of India" plays.  It's a perfect moment of Don realizing how absolutely beautiful she is.
    *The office party during the Nixon/Kennedy runoff.  Sal and Joan sharing a kiss, and Joan realizing he's not into women (or at least that something was different).
    *The Belle Jolie pitch.  One of my favorites.  Love the secretaries trying the lipsticks.  "Basket of Kisses".  Joan knowing the men were behind the window and working it.

    Can't wait for the season 1 'cast.  :)
  • Seems like a big endeavor, summing up an entire season in one podcast! What struck me on my many season one re-watches was how over-the-top and unsubtle some of the writing was. Sal talking about someone living one way and secretly living another, Don's comment "it's not like there's some magic machine that makes exact copies," Joan telling Peggy that men made the typewriter easy enough for girls to handle, etc.
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    My biggest take-away from the first season was my hate for one Pete Campbell. Him going through Don's items and discovering his identity was I time I yelled at my screen.
  • No doubt I'll be listening to this Breaking Good-style, listening to the episode after watching the season, stopping at Spoilers (unless there's no section here), then coming back when I've finally finished it all.
  • Just finished cramming for this Season 1 summary podcast, so I'll be hip. I think this is the third time I've watched Season 1. The one thing I verified is that Betty is really a complex and genuinely sweet character, for now. Her "style" is a bit frozen, but that might be her Nordic nature. I was astounded, once more, by her talking to Glen (forbidden love!) while he's sitting in the car waiting for his mother. There's dirty snow on the ground. She seeks solace from him; she cries. He is the ONLY person she can talk to, she says. She has been taught that displays of emotion are for children, and so she seeks a child who she knows won't reject her; he is fascinated by her (and remains so throughout the series, really, in the background, pining). Back at the shrink's office, she is more rational; she's mourned in front of Glen; now she can speak the dawning truth about Don to Dr. "Wang" is it? She's told Don of Francine's plight (Carlton is unfaithful for sure) and has said that Francine is like a sister to her. That means the same thing can happen to Betty, and she is fairly certain that it has. "Maybe I'm not enough," she tells the man with his little notebook, a predictable thing for a housewife to say in 1960. Then she has a wonderful insight: "Maybe it's just him."
  • Don and Peggy have wonderful interaction & feeling when he's distraught about what Pete has discovered, and she's distraught about the trouble she's caused with the building staff by reporting the party damage. She's also hugely pregnant and not really aware of it yet. He finds her in his office, lamenting. He wants to be alone (his go-to mode) but after apologizing for yelling, he senses a kindred spirit, or perhaps, she brings out something good in him, something protective and teacherly. They both sort of know that they are VERY much on, well, matching cliff-edges. It's a further bonding moment that happens under the surface.
           And, y'know, he almost brings HIMSELF to tears with that Carousel pitch. He knows the end of his marriage might be coming around with that last slide.
            Also, Harry Crane. He became a character that some podcasters loved to hate, but gosh, he's vulnerable, artsy, impulsive, and young, and has beautiful eyes!
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    where is this going to be uploaded? On the Mad Men Happy Hour podcast, or Bald Move Premium podcast?
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    The regular feed.
  • Looking forward to your Season 1 podcast of my all time favorite show.  I've watched from the very beginning and own all seasons on Blue Ray.  I've watched each episdoe at least 2 times w/commentary and 3 times without commentary.  I am a super fan and think you guys do the best job of all the podcasts that I've heard of this show.
  • I was wondering if a Mad Men retrospect was still in your plans? You also talked about a potential interview with a guy from the show, I don't remember who exactly, maybe a writer or producer. I guess now it's maybe too much off topic to bring back up and you're having a pretty busy fall season. I miss hearing you talk about this show though.
  • skelterskelter Louisville, KY
    Did this idea ever get off the ground?  Also, when did you all first start the Mad Men podcast? I can find them going back to season 5. Thanks!
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    The Mad Men Happy Hour rewatch is dead.  Jim had little interest in it, and traffic wise, it was always going to be a loser, so I didn't have any real leverage to help get him on board.   Game of Thrones season one will certainly happen.

    As far as Mad Men, we started in season five, so if  you've heard them all to that point you're all caught up.  We might have done a Blue Yonder or two on the show before we started, but I doubt it would be worth looking up.
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