Fargo season 2

I watched most of the first episode and the plot just had too many coincidences for me to take seriously. I started watching because I like Ted Danson and Nick Offerman - is there enough there to make it worthwhile to keep watching?

There's so much TV to watch, between the Wire, Damages, Mr Robot, the Leftovers, and this show that I'm not sure which I want to push through. These are all shows I started and lost interest in at some point, but overwhelmingly positive reviews make me think it's worth tryin again.


  • I personally love the plot of season two, though it can be seen as a bit “out there”. Of those you mentioned, however, I would say The Wire is very good and important to watch through and Mr Robot has a very concise and complete plot that was planned from the beginning, which is rare. So if you are looking for fun with little consequence, Fargo season two is that show. 
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Fargo is never trying to be the most realistic show. People walking into situations at the exact right/wrong moment or being in just the right place to fuck someone else's plans up happens all the time so if you aren't rolling with it it probably isn't going to change your mind, especially not season 2.
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